Human resource management solutions for retail chain businesses

Human resource management in a centralized enterprise is not simple, but human resource management in chain enterprises is even more difficult. Because, these businesses operate in a distributed form with a chain of stores linked and managed by a unified management apparatus.

So, what is an effective solution for human resource management for retail chain businesses?

What are the characteristics of retail chain businesses?

Retail chain businesses are those that operate under an investment business model that concentrates resources on a form of distribution that owns and manages a group of different stores/retail points. , including stores/point-of-sale of physical goods and services.

The current situation of human resource management in chain enterprises

– Part-time personnel make up the majority, shift workers are the main cause of difficulties in management, timekeeping, and salary calculation.

– Distributed activities of many facilities are difficult to grasp and manage methodically.

- Personnel changes constantly, the rate of personnel turnover is high because of the industry's job characteristics and labor competitiveness with each other and with many other industries. Therefore, recruitment must also have a long-term plan to ensure adequate supply of human resources for the facilities.

The human resource management department requires a high level of expertise and understanding of the field. Therefore, middle managers of this industry are facing many difficulties and shortages. This is because the candidate has not yet met the requirements. Most of the candidates do not go through formal and formal training, but only stop at the workers self-study and self-equipped with soft skills.

– Retail chain businesses themselves are still in the process of entering the market, struggling with survival. Only when the business develops into a system and has an extensive chain of stores, does it think about the story of human resource management seriously and methodically.

Human resource management solution for chain businesses when the scale is expanded.

To solve difficult problems in human resource management of chain enterprises, - it is necessary to have effective and synchronous solutions implemented in a methodical and consistent manner.

  • Appropriate recruitment, find like-minded people and goals

Human nature is the object of direct contact with customers, the one who brings the company's values to customers, who directly determines the level of satisfaction, as well as the index of returning customers. service increase or decrease. The selection of personnel from the beginning must be implemented effectively and properly. In order to build a team of long-term employees who are willing and always ready to do their best for the organization in any situation, it is necessary to find people who are suitable for the organization, with high cohesion.

  • Coordinate activities of departments and divisions

In order for the departments to work in harmony, it is necessary to ensure the prompt, timely and correct dissemination of information. Coordinating activities between the office block and the direct business division so that both support each other, shortening time and procedures, streamlining approval processes and documents. Activities that do not generate revenue, do not support, or reach the direct sales team should be cut down or eliminated.

  • Standards and criteria for personnel

Standardizing the quality of input labor helps to orient and ensure the uniformity of work results in all establishments and stores.

  • Organize training and improve professional qualifications

Like many other professions, besides standardizing the quality of inputs, in order to improve professional qualifications for employees, it is important to focus on professional and in-depth training in professions and fields to supplement skills. What is missing is a necessary job for chain businesses. Focus on training priority competencies, developing training capacity for managers from the grassroots level.

  • Good salary and benefits regime

Appropriate compensation and benefits are the most effective solution to retain good employees and limit employee turnover. Thereby increasing labor efficiency, reducing recruitment and training costs, consistent with the high turnover rate of this industry group.

  • Software application in human resource management

Using human resource management software in administration not only helps to automate human resource management processes, but it also helps standardize data, centralize and uniform administration, and helps record and calculate. quickly data such as wages, salaries, social insurance ... minimize errors, due to having to gather and process too much data.

Specifically, the application of human resource management software will help chain businesses operate more efficiently by digitizing operations such as:

+ Manage the entire system, personnel records in the company

+ Digitize recruitment, training and HR processes

+ Automating timekeeping, salary calculation, etc.

+ Automatically evaluate KPI


For chain enterprises, doing business in many distributed establishments has created many difficulties in management. Moreover, the expansion of the business scale, the increase in the number of employees, if only managed in the traditional way, through basic computer tools will not ensure the rigor, authenticity, professionalism or Justice. This is why administrators should consider using software to effectively support and reduce the burden of management.

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