REE Corporation x HUMAX: Digital Transformation Project in Human Resource Management

Refrigeration Mechanical and Electrical Joint Stock Company (REE)

Established in 1977, Refrigeration Mechanical and Electrical Joint Stock Company (REE Corporation) is one of the first two companies to list shares on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange. Ho Chi Minh City, and REE continues to be a typical multi-industry group.

Through many years of operation, thanks to the sharp strategic direction and the leadership of the highly capable leadership team, REE has developed steadily over time and continues to maintain optimal exploitation of the advantages. Group competition.

Currently, REE has expanded its presence in many fields and owns a group of member companies operating in 4 main areas: Energy, Clean Water, Real Estate Development & Leasing, and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

With many years of experience accumulated along with a team of highly qualified human resources, always creating and applying advanced techniques, complete and modern equipment, receiving great credit from domestic and foreign banks, ... have created a growing REE and gained the trust of customers.

Difficult problems in Human Resource Management before REE Corporation deploys digital transformation

In the past, REE used many discrete software to synthesize and deploy HR operations in the corporate system of the group. The lack of a centralized management system makes reporting the situation of subsidiaries to the parent company quite complicated and time-consuming in the operation of information aggregation and control.

REE Corporation operates in a variety of fields, from energy, clean water, real estate development and leasing, to mechanical and electrical engineering. With many personnel operating in different sectors, the Company's Human Resources manager has to deal with a large number of personnel, from production blocks, office administration to those involved in the installation process. and deploy. Each field has unique requirements for skills and expertise, making the management and assignment of work complicated.

The lack of a centralized management system causes the dispersion of information and difficulties in monitoring the activities of each subsidiary. Manually reporting the status of subsidiaries requires a lot of time and effort, along with the risk of errors in the process of recording and presenting information.

Cooperation in digital transformation of management processes REE Corporation – HUMAX

REE x HUMAX: Hợp tác số hóa Quản trị Nhân sự
REE x HUMAX: Collaboration to digitize Human Resource Management

Governance challenges at REE also come with opportunities. Deploying a centralized management system can help a company create unity in personnel and operations management. By building a common information technology platform, the company can create connections between different departments, branches and fields, helping to optimize the process of assigning work, tracking the effectiveness of the work. productivity and easier automatic report generation.

To solve the difficulties in personnel management and operations, the implementation of a centralized management system can help the company realize unity and enhance the ability to operate effectively in all areas. field of activity.

HUMAX easily meets the requirements in solving outstanding problems in operation at the Enterprise: 

  • Master Data – Standardize HR data 

One of the most difficult tasks of OOS when deployed at REE is input data standardization, importing multiple data sources into the system. With HUMAX's Human Resource Management feature, all personnel information and data of all departments and branches are gathered and updated accurately, transparently and quickly on a common data portal. , supporting the enterprise's management to be easy and accurate and to reduce risks and pressure errors in traditional management.

  • Building CVs Pool and digital recruitment process

The problem of digitizing recruitment at REE is easily handled, all steps in the recruitment process at the Enterprise have been automatically integrated, from collecting candidate profiles to the Onboarding process at the Enterprise. HUMAX has contributed to reducing the pressure of the Human Resources department in recruiting, attracting and retaining talents.

  • Solve complex Public - Salary problems

With multi-disciplinary characteristics, each HR department at REE has its own salary problems. HUMAX has helped Enterprises automate the payroll process with automatic timekeeping and salary calculation. HUMAX HR software allows Enterprises to build a diverse library of salary formulas, making the payroll process quick, accurate and transparent for each HR position. 

  • Multi-dimensional, transparent evaluation

The problem of personnel evaluation at REE Corporation is the most important focus of enterprises. Each HR department at the Enterprise is always closely monitored, all salary and bonus problems at REE are directly connected to the Human Resource assessment feature. When partnering with HUMAX, the Human Resource Assessment problem at REE is automated, making management easier, and enhancing the HR experience at the Group. 

REE x HUMAX: Hợp tác số hóa Quản trị Nhân sự
REE x HUMAX: Collaboration to digitize Human Resource Management


OOS Software is committed to always accompanying REE Corporation in the journey of digital transformation of HR management, supporting to solve all arising problems of the Enterprise on the new development path. The companion of HUMAX will certainly create a solid stepping stone for businesses to go further. Especially with its core, dedicated and professional staff.

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