Improve HR experience, two-way interaction between Employees and the Organization


Exploiting employee capabilities - improving the interaction between personnel and the organization

Do you know how employees really feel about their organization? Humax helps you uncover issues your Resources are facing and create an effective, well-informed plan of action to address the issue early. By combining the use of the HR portal and mobile app, the interaction rate of employees with each other, with the HR department, with the Leader improves immediately, contributing to building a culture of cohesion and sharing in the company. enterprise. From understanding the people in your organization, you'll gain insight into where your organization stands, and you'll know how to move toward larger goals in the future.

Empowering employees makes them feel connected and respected, relationships between people improve and the company is a cohesive unit. I chose Humax, partly because of the solution's message: "The Comprehensive HRM Solution"
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When employees become " be listened"

The employee is no longer the recipient of the evaluation and knows the end result. Everything has changed when the administrative - human resource process is computerized (online HR process).
Humax provides online human resources services, HR portal - Portal is the place for interaction between employees, HR department and leaders. Employees can directly: Update profile, self-assess work performance, propose leave,.. Interaction builds teamwork culture, understanding what you are doing and your feedback helps employees feel feel more appreciated.

Put the Humax experience neatly in the hands of every employee

Modern HR work doesn't always take place at a desk or in an office. You need HR software that can keep up with your employees' busy schedules. Humax helps your employees conveniently access HR information with its mobile app. Allows leaders to interact with employees anytime, anywhere.

Technology simplifies everything

One of the best ways to improve the employee experience is to incorporate user-friendly technology into the workplace. From using an electronic signature (E-Signature) in the Humax mobile application to help employees easily sign documents, to using Face ID-face recognition for timekeeping or Chatbot for communication. Humax reduces turnaround times, simplifies procedures and helps you say goodbye to paperwork.

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