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Industry specifics
Special HR problems
  • The number of employees often fluctuates because this is a highly competitive and very hot industry right now. Therefore, recruiting and attracting talent is a top priority in human resource management in this industry
  • The training to improve the capacity of personnel is something that must be done regularly with a methodical and accurate plan.
  • As a potential industry, the growth rate of media businesses is usually very fast, the number of employees skyrockets in a short time, requiring human resource management to be agile to respond promptly with this growth.
Automating HR processes for businesses

Humax is highly flexible and customizable to the complex human resource problems of Vietnamese enterprises. Humax's goal is to provide a comprehensive experience for all members of the organization.

Human resource management solution for Communication & Advertising industry of Humax
  • Build an automatic, self-contained recruitment process on software, creating professionalism right from the first recruitment stage. 
  • Automate record keeping, candidate information through CV pool. With this archive, businesses can make the most of the existing candidate resources.
  • Automatically send emails to candidates, saving time and effort.
  • Fully automated new employee welcome process. 
  • Develop a process of training, evaluation, and monitoring of work results through established criteria.
  • Monitoring the working process, the development process of personnel in the company
  • Keep track of staff size, organization chart, HR margin.
  • Automated online application approval process, suitable for young HR businesses.
  • Flexible timekeeping in line with the characteristics of employees who often have to go out
  • Easy-to-see interface, quick search, usable on mobile
Human resource management for Media & Advertising units, why should you choose Humax?
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