More than 15 years of developing Humax Human Resources Management Software


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OOS Software Joint Stock Company (OOS Software) has more than 15 years of experience in software deployment. In particular, we have spent 10 years researching and developing a comprehensive Humax Human Resources Management Software solution for large enterprises in Vietnam. 

Human Resource Management Software Humax has twice won Sao Khue Vietnam Award.


Focus on intensive development and supply ONLY Human Resource Management Software (One Product One Company)

Reached the top 3 HR software brands in Vietnam


Our Journey


Completion of CoreHRM
and Payroll


Completion of a comprehensive HRM solution


Industry-specific version development


HR Software with
AI, Chatbot, BigData

To choose the right partner, TH Group has reviewed many human resource management software on the market,... Thus, we believe OOS Software will be a suitable project implementation partner in Vietnam. I appreciate the scientific implementation method and enthusiastic support service of the OOS project team
Ms. Hoang Thi Thu Trang
Former Manager of C&B Group/ CARD Group
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The software managed to mitigate many major problems at SHB, including the assessment system based on KPI for a well-known banking institution. Besides solving the business problems related to the salary and reward system, we put significant emphasis on human resources. Humax provides support for the education and development process for human resources taking into account the people's core capabilities
Ms. Ha Thi Lam
Former HRD - SHB Bank
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I highly appreciate the deployment capability of OOS, which includes the extensive knowledge of HR management and the ability of effectively consulting technological solutions. With the market growth, businesses are required to keep up with the latest technological trends in the world or else, they will lose the valuable support from their core people.
Mr. Pham Van Khien
HRD - VRB Bank
chi Mai SHB
The number of SHB's HR Dashboards has reached more than 50, an impressive number for a Vietnamese HR software. Thank you for the dedication and companionship of OOS Software and SHB over the past 6 years. Personally, I trust and highly appreciate OOS Software.
Ms. Trinh Thuy Mai
HR Services Director - SHB
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Using Humax, I am strongly impressed with C&B module. The data processing system is fast, stable and error-free. In the past, when doing it manually, the manager often worried about the accuracy before signing. But with Humax, we can check anytime, anywhere
Mr. Tran Quoc Thang
HRM - Vietcombank Leasing
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