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Effective candidate management, should only use Excel?

If you are a recruiter, you must always have a headache when you do not know how to manage candidate profiles effectively. Candidate profiles are considered as valuable assets of enterprises in the battle to find talent. Especially when there is a shortage of candidates right now.

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How to build a positive working environment?

Building a positive and friendly working environment helps employees to be motivated to make efforts and devote themselves to the business. This brings many benefits to the organization including increased work productivity, reduced turnover and improved engagement and

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What is C&B? The role of a C&B specialist in HR

In the human resources department of a company, the C&B position is still quite new and promises an attractive salary. So who is a C&B specialist? What are the duties of this position and what qualifications and skills are required? In this article we will answer all

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8 Mistakes that make qualified employees leave

A survey from CEB shows that one-third of key employees of companies often feel bored with their work and management, they always want to find another job. Employees don't suddenly want to leave the company, they slowly lose interest in the job

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