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Cách tính thưởng Tết 2024 cho người lao động MỚI NHẤT

LATEST way to calculate 2024 Tet bonuses for employees

Every spring comes, Tet bonuses are always something that every worker looks forward to. Because this is the result after a year of working and dedicating yourself to the company. So what is Tet bonus? The regulations and calculation of Tet bonuses are like that

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5 xu hướng nhân sự mới 2024: Nâng cao chất lượng công việc

5 new HR trends in 2024: Improving work quality

The role of HR is undergoing a significant transformation in the current business landscape, requiring a rethink of some of the traditional frameworks of HR. In 2024, the human resources department will definitely have a significant improvement in work quality

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