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Industry specifics
Special HR problems

With the Trade & Service industry, we realize there are 4 highlights in the human resource management:

  • Continuously recruiting sales staff
  • Sales staff take a long time to master the job, the level of business engagement is not high
  • Business owners always do not believe that sales staff are working outside and want to track the employee's work schedule.
  • Business bonuses have many criteria: total sales, sales of each line, item, emulation, etc.
  • Evaluate performance and incorporate results into payroll
Automating HR processes for businesses

Humax is highly flexible and customizable to the complex human resource problems of Vietnamese enterprises. Humax's goal is to provide a comprehensive experience for all members of the organization.

How does Humax solution help deal with those problems?

Recruitment – Orientation

  • Using AI technology to automatically input CVs sent to the recruitment department
  • Automatically send interview letters, thank you letters, offer letters to candidates
  • Onboarding process helps employees to interract culture quickly, feel trusted and respected at the enterprise
  • Digitize training with basic knowledge of orientations, industries, products, business skills, etc.

Time Attendance

  • Integrate timekeepers (fingerprint, FaceID, ...) to synthesize work

  • Register for leave, overtime, business trip online. Work-related expenses are proposed and handled together with the trip

  • GPS timekeeping helps track employees' work journeys

  • Integrate CRM, ERP, DMS, etc systems to calculate salary and business bonus

Review – Salary Calculator

  • Flexible salary formula changes to meet seasonal business plans

  • Evaluate work efficiency according to predefined criteria and send the results to the employee salary calculation section

Humax is a reliable companion for commercial and service businesses
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