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Industry specifics
Special HR problems

With the Trade & Service industry, we realize there are 4 highlights in the human resource management:

  • Continuously recruiting sales staff
  • Sales staff take a long time to master the job, the level of business engagement is not high
  • Business owners always do not believe that sales staff are working outside and want to track the employee's work schedule.
  • Business bonuses have many criteria: total sales, sales of each line, item, emulation, etc.
  • Evaluate performance and incorporate results into payroll
How does Humax solution help deal with those problems?

Recruitment – Orientation

  • Using AI technology to automatically input CVs sent to the recruitment department
  • Automatically send interview letters, thank you letters, offer letters to candidates
  • Onboarding process helps employees to interract culture quickly, feel trusted and respected at the enterprise
  • Digitize training with basic knowledge of orientations, industries, products, business skills, etc.

Time Attendance

  • Integrate timekeepers (fingerprint, FaceID, ...) to synthesize work

  • Register for leave, overtime, business trip online. Work-related expenses are proposed and handled together with the trip

  • GPS timekeeping helps track employees' work journeys

  • Integrate CRM, ERP, DMS, etc systems to calculate salary and business bonus

Review – Salary Calculator

  • Flexible salary formula changes to meet seasonal business plans

  • Evaluate work efficiency according to predefined criteria and send the results to the employee salary calculation section

Humax is a reliable companion for commercial and service businesses
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