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4 cloud computing trends businesses need to know

Modern and growing society, the trend of using technology and especially the trend of cloud computing is dominating the market day by day. To better understand current trends, Humax has collected and researched specifically about 4 trends

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New trends in the IT industry: Changes and opportunities

According to calculations by the Hanoi People's Committee, to implement the goals in the Draft IT Development Planning of Hanoi to 2020, with a vision to 2030, Hanoi needs about 700,000 IT human resources. Only FPT Software, from now to 2015 will need to recruit 9,000 people. In 2013,

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Future development trends of the IT industry

IT, in the broadest and most general sense, is the use of modern technology in creating, storing, transmitting information, processing and exploiting information. Currently, the IT industry is divided into 5 main majors: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems,

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11 IT trends in the past 20 years

Two decades ago we were still using dial-up modems and today the world is within our reach. Disruptive technology trends have emerged that will accelerate development, transform many industries, and shape the future world.

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The new era of the HR industry – Era 4.0

According to management theory, an enterprise's infrastructure includes four important elements: people, processes, organizational structure and technology. When one of the four factors changes, the other factors will influence and change to create an equilibrium.

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Automation in business administration

The 4.0 technology era has been developing strongly and dramatically. The digital transformation helps businesses automate their work, save costs and time to improve labor productivity and efficiency in business activities. Digital conversion

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New and important technology trends in 2020

2020 ushers in a new era of technology trends, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, magnetic computing, etc., gradually asserting its position in technology and human intelligence. 1. Artificial intelligence (Al) Artificial intelligence (AI) technology may not take

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AI “rules of the game” for startups

Artificial intelligence is contributing to comprehensively changing business models. Many start-ups want to participate in the development of services in the field of artificial intelligence, but are often afraid of little capital and thin resources. According to the CBSight report, from 2012-2016, investors in the

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