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Industry specifics
3 outstanding, popular, specific, and painpoint HR problems of enterprises

1. High-quality human resources are in short supply in the market, unskilled workers must be recruited continuously

  • With qualified employees, it is easy for them to find work because of the shortage and extremely competitive market. However, the highly qualified group is seriously lacking and businesses often have to send them for training.
  • Unlike qualified personnel, the group of unskilled workers in production is very large, but they have too many choices to decide, so they often change jobs, which leads to the human resources department often having to recruit employees for their jobs. production blocks.

2. Daily processing of public data is really tiring

Work is probably the most difficult problem for manufacturing enterprises, especially in the manufacturing sector. There are many issues the HR department needs to deal with when synthesizing work:

  • Employees work in 3 shifts, night shift timekeeping easily leads to confusion with other groups of employees.
  • Overtime before and overtime after regular main shift at peak production times.
  • Overtime exceeds state regulations.
  • Elderly employees are not proficient in using technology devices, so they cannot digitize the registration of leave and overtime but still have to do it manually.
  • Unusual cases of timekeeping occur too often: lack of timekeeping, wrong timekeeping, registration of leave but still attendance, etc. 

3. It's not uncommon to calculate wages overnight

The salary formulas of the production sector are relatively complex, the most common are the following types of salary calculation:

  • Calculate salary by time
  • Calculate salary by product
  • Performance bonus

However, for businesses with the appearance of salary packages (time-based, product-based or both), the complexity of the operation will be extremely high, errors often occur.

Automating HR processes for businesses

Humax is highly flexible and customizable to the complex human resource problems of Vietnamese enterprises. Humax's goal is to provide a comprehensive experience for all members of the organization.

How does Humax solution help deal with those problems?

Humax can handle relatively fully the human resource management problems encountered by manufacturing enterprises:


  • Send recruitment messages to candidates who have applied at the company
  • Quickly save basic information about candidates serving seasonal recruitment

Time Attendance

  • Set up timekeeping and work shift registration before implementation

  • Combine shift registration table with attendance data for daily processing

  • Based on the attendance history, automatically identify the case with abnormal cases

  • Warn when overtime exceeds the specified limit


  • Make many detailed payroll by product, team, department, factory along with general payroll

  • Integrate accounting software, ERP, timekeeping, DMS, etc. to get payroll data

  • Warn insurance fluctuations for timely handling

Humax is a trusted partner to accompany businesses on the path of digital transformation in human resource management
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