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Industry specifics
Special HR problems
  • Manage qualifications, teacher profiles
  • Alerts and reminders of the expiration date of your degree
  • Employee training plan 
  • Teaching activities change constantly, timekeeping must also follow the credits, teaching periods, and teaching hours.
  • The calculation of salary is also not fixed, especially with the same staff, but the teaching time in class has a different unit price compared to the hours of extracurricular activities.
  • Another difficulty in human resource management of the Education & Training industry is that there are too many reporting forms, leading to a waste of time and human resources.
Human resource management solutions for Education & Training are handled by Humax
  • Store information quickly and easily search on the software
  • Warning of expiration of degrees, legal documents
  • Flexible timekeeping according to shifts, working hours, flexibility between branches, etc.
  • Automatic salary calculation and customization according to the salary formula of each department, each object.
  • Manage training course to improve capacity of lecture
  • Real-time reporting system with complex report fields, monitor anytime, anywhere.
Human resource management solution for the education - training industry, why should you choose Humax?
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