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Industry specifics

The Hospitality & Tourism industry is one of the industries heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The dissolution and bankruptcy of enterprises in large numbers changed the structure of the industry as well as almost changed the operation of these industries.

With the characteristics of using a lot of part-time workers as well as the unique characteristics of tourism, resort is a constant change of services, leading to this industry relying on many levels of customer satisfaction with ability to provide timely, perfect service.

Special HR problems

Flexible mechanism for part-timers: Tourism and resort businesses use the majority of part-time workers. Therefore, the policies for this group often change. Businesses need flexible systems that allow them to respond to constantly changing policies for this audience.

Allocate appropriate jobs for the employees: The system of assigning and recording jobs needs to be synchronized with the management system of tourism and resort services.

The training system of the tourism and resort chains should be in sync with the common standards of the entire system. The standards of hotel and resort chains need to be applied to each location.

How does CoffeeHR solution help with those problems?

The system allows flexible management of employee objects. Policies are also set up very flexibly, allowing management to change the timekeeping and payroll mechanisms for part-timers.

The system allows integration with hotel, tourism, resort management systems and service evaluation systems to record results for staff providing services.

The system allows to set up separate training standards for each position. Management evaluates the capacity and work results for each position so that the system recommends employees who match the criteria of higher levels with clear career paths.

Human Resource Management in the Hospitality & Tourism industry, why should you choose Humax?
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