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The emerging economies of Asia such as Japan, China, Korea, Singapore have a feature we can easily see that is the appearance of multi-industry corporations. We are seen as the Chaebols of Korea, or the four tycoons in Japan, or the Tech Empires of China. They not only develop on the core business of the Enterprise, but expand and create cover over most other fields, with the advantage of being available in finance and their resources.

Vietnam has large multi-industry corporations that continuously expand and develop business scale and business fields. Corporations, after a successful period in their core business, continue to expand into many other fields. Vin Group transformed from a real estate group to an industrial production, retail, e-commerce, and technology unit. Viettel changed from a State Corporation with the field of telecommunications to become a unit of Technology, Construction and Commerce. Hoa Phat Group has moved from the Industrial Group, is expanding into the fields of agriculture, commerce, real estate, etc. And there are many other multi-industry conglomerate models.

With the characteristics of continuous expansion, cross-ownership of the Corporations and the nature of mergers and dissolutions, M&A of member units, association leads to the peculiarities of the human resource problem such as:

Special HR problem

Change of organizational structure: The common feature of the Group is structural changes, leading to the effects of cost centers, and the distribution of costs among member units is extremely complicated. The decentralized system, human resource management is affected. In particular, the policies and general human resource mechanism of human resources are affected.

Concurrent work: Employees often hold multiple positions in organizations. As Corporations expand, they often move core employees down to new business units to manage in order to gain influence. Therefore, Concurrent work management needs a flexible system with many cases.

Attracting internal talent in the Group: the development of internal talent is gradually becoming a trend of enterprises. Instead of recruiting outside, units in the Group can rely on the capacity, experience and results of employees in the same Group to recruit internally. Therefore, internal information between units in the Group needs to be transparent. Enterprises need a system to analyze the criteria between the positions of the units in the group to ensure that the appropriate employee is proposed.

Humax solves

Humax builds on organizational management thinking Organization Management by designing a flexible organizational structure, ensuring the continuous change of organizations. Along with that, the consulting team will support businesses to apply general human resource problems suitable for organizations with many member units, multi-industry applying common human resource management standards.

The system allows setting up a framework for the transfer of part-time personnel. Humax's consultants will help businesses apply the characteristics of part-time, transfer so that it is easy to change and ensure regulations on Contracts, Taxes and Social Insurance.

The Humax system is established from a competency framework, with very clear job descriptions for each position. In particular, it allows to build a straight-forward path and the adjacent human resource management features to help the HR department and the leadership team easily identify the personnel who match the necessary criteria. Easy internal recruitment.

About Human Resource Management solutions for multi-industry corporations
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