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Industry specifics

Real estate and construction are always two basic economic sectors of any economy. The speed of urbanization is increasing, leading to the establishment of real estate and construction businesses at a very fast rate, expanding both the scale of the projects and the number of projects.

With such rapid development, real estate and construction units often manage in their hands from a few dozen projects to hundreds of large and small projects. Projects often change in terms of investment scale, ownership and management.

Special HR problem

Project-based human resource management: Because of the nature of investment elements and building separate profit centers for each real estate and construction project. Human resources are also managed on a project-by-project basis. From the salary mechanism framework to the evaluation framework, all are specific to each project, based on the profit of each business and production center (Business unit).

Salary packages of construction projects is the most difficult problem to handle. How to ensure construction efficiency, quality of acceptance and optimize human costs as well as motivate the team to complete the project is becoming a challenge of the human resources department of construction corporations.

Specific management policy for staff in the real estate industry: managing employees who frequently move between project sites; compensation policy specific to the real estate industry.

Humax solves

The Humax system allows to set up human resource management for each project. The separation, change, opening and closing of projects takes place simply on the Humax system. Business centers are integrated with Humax to manage the effectiveness of personnel based on business and production indicators of Business Units.

The Humax system specialized in Construction allows businesses to set up tools to set contract norms for construction projects. manage payroll and set up integrated tools to record the minutes of acceptance of projects for disbursement.

The system allows flexible setting of tools for non-permanent employees at a Project by GPS timekeeping. Especially, the flexible system of calculating salary and productivity in the real estate industry with experiences from the leading units in the real estate industry (real estate distribution and development).

Automating HR processes for businesses

Humax is highly flexible and customizable to the complex human resource problems of Vietnamese enterprises. Humax's goal is to provide a comprehensive experience for all members of the organization.

Human resource management for Construction & Real Estate industry, why should you choose Humax?
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