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Industry specifics

The role of the health sector today in the development of the economy and society is undeniable. Because the health sector not only ensures the health of people working and studying, but also ensures the quality of life.

Although not a key factor determining the success or failure of the business, it is a NEED condition for the business to continue to develop, according to the competitive market. Technology is a tool to help businesses deliver a better customer experience and help their internal systems run more smoothly. All organizations, large or small, can go digital. That doesn't depend on how superior the technology you choose or how big of a financial resource you invest. Enterprises must clearly understand their business needs and choose the most appropriate technology.

Special HR problems

Each profession has its own characteristics, the Health sector also has outstanding problems in the Human Resources problem that surely your business is also looking for solutions:

  • Management of Degrees and Practice Certificates of Doctors: 

    With the characteristics of the industry directly related to human life, medical units must continuously monitor the duration of degrees and certificates. This is a necessary condition for medical facilities to be granted operating licenses, carry out registration procedures, and report to competent professional agencies.

  • How to divide work shifts, on duty shift (hospital):

    The working time of doctors and nurses is constantly changing, often resulting in overtime work.

  • The frequent movement between locations/workplaces of Doctors and Nurses leads to difficulties in controlling and the timekeeping, salary and cost allocation mechanisms between facilities.

  • Each package of medical examination and treatment services and health care has a flexible commission calculation mechanism.

  • Particularly for the health sector, the problem of managing fixed assets (cotton, gauze, gloves, cylinders...), assets allocated to doctors and nurses (uniforms, computers) is often difficult to control.

Human Resource Management solutions for Healthcare & Hospitals are handled by Humax
  • Automate the work of storing records, resumes and employee-related records into Master Data
  • Manage the expiration of the license to practice and automatically alert the Managers what documents need to be renewed.
  • Automate timekeeping and salary calculation by software.
  • Actively establish different types of working shifts: administrative shift, broken shift, on duty shift, part-time, full-time, overtime, business leave, etc.
  • Customizing flexible salary calculation formulas, allowing Human Resources Officers to change the salary formula for each department and facility without software engineering.
  • Linking with other timekeeping software and technologies to get the most accurate and automatic data to effectively handle KPI salary, commission, service salary for each position: Doctor, Consultant, Nurse,…
Human resource management solution for the Health & Hospital industry, why should you choose Humax?
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