HAL Vietnam upgraded HUMAX Human Resources management software system

After more than 6 years of accompanying and developing on the journey of optimizing human resource management with OOS, HAL Vietnam continues to upgrade the system, keeping pace with technological developments and current human resources industry trends. grand. 

HAL Vietnam

HAL Vietnam, established in 2002, is a Japanese-invested 100% company, with nearly 1,500 employees, operating in the field of mold manufacturing and aluminum casting for the automobile industry. 

HAL tiếp tục đồng hành cùng OOS Software, nâng cấp phần mềm Quản trị Nhân sự HUMAX
HAL continues to accompany OOS Software, upgrading HUMAX Human Resources Management software

In 2017, HAL Vietnam joined hands with OOS Software to deploy the overall Human Resource Management software project HUMAX, opening the turning point of digital transformation, taking people as the central factor for development. The software has been designed to focus on optimizing human resource management and automating related business processes. By applying advanced technology, HUMAX has solved a series of remaining problems in HAL's operations. Automation in managing employee information, working time management, payroll and benefits, as well as skills and training management has helped HAL save significant time and resources.

Furthermore, the use of software has created a more efficient and positive working environment for employees, with transparency and automation in administrative processes, especially in a work environment. Japan with strict process requirements. This not only helps HAL save costs but also enhances employee satisfaction and commitment to the organization.

HAL Vietnam upgrades HUMAX Human Resources management software system, readying resources to conquer business goals by 2024

In the context of the market entering the age of digitalization 5.0, HAL, with its continuous strong development, the problem of human resource management becomes increasingly complex and requires more flexibility and efficiency. Facing these challenges, HAL Vietnam, with the trust strengthened over the past 6 years, decided to continue to trust and continue accompanying OOS Software, upgrading the overall human resource management software HUMAX; from the previous version – with limited customization capabilities, reserved for HR departments, to the latest version – a flexible solution designed for the entire organization.

HAL nâng cấp phần mềm quản trị nhân sự HUMAX sau 6 năm đồng hành và tin tưởng
HAL upgraded HUMAX human resources management software after 6 years of companionship and trust

With this upgraded system, the Human Resources management problem at HAL is further developed and perfected, with the features of Organization Management and Human Resources Information, Time Attendance, Automatic Payroll Calculation, Recruitment and Training talent for the organization. In particular, HUMAX's version upgrade system allows management throughout the human resources life cycle, optimizing management and organizational development operations, integrating technological innovations that promise to bring a more personalized experience to employees. strength and at the same time build a solid foundation for businesses in the digital era. 

HAL's Board of Directors believes that HUMAX will continue to optimize and support human resource operations at the enterprise, serving as a solid foundation for HAL to steadily develop in the digital age.

Sincerely thank HAL Vietnam for the companionship and trust, the cooperation journey of the two sides will not only stop at numbers, but also trust and common development on the upcoming path. 

Wishing the project great success!

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