On the afternoon of March 15, T&T Group and OOS Software successfully held the acceptance ceremony of the HUMAX human resources management solution implementation project.

T&T Group is one of the 10 largest multi-industry economic groups in Vietnam and top 50 influential groups in Asia and the region. T&T Group has up to 500 member companies with 6 separate levels of corporate governance. With the goal of maintaining its corporate position, the Group has built an appropriate development strategy for each period with a long-term, sustainable orientation according to international standards coupled with transparent management activities. Deploying the HUMAX Human Resources Management software system is a step to help the Group consolidate its human resources and continue to develop in the market. 

Lễ nghiệm thu tổng thể dự án Phần mềm Quản trị Nhân sự HUMAX tại T&T Group
Overall acceptance ceremony of HUMAX Human Resources Management Software project at T&T Group

Human Resources Management Software implementation project at T&T Group is one of the key projects of OOS Software, with a large user scale, modules are deployed throughout the human resource life cycle: Recruitment, Human Resources Information, Work - Salary, Training, Evaluation ,…

HUMAX streamlines Human Resources Management problems at T&T Group's holdings model: Concurrent management, staff transfer, resource planning, career development roadmap, succession team... helping T&T Group build Professional Human Resources process, saving more than 65% of time handling human problems compared to traditional processes. 

Thank you to the Board of Directors and the Project team of both sides for always making efforts and responsibilities to bring the project to development on schedule. 

Finally, congratulations on the project being successfully put into operation!

Some other pictures of the ceremony: 

Đội ngũ T&T Group
T&T Group team
Đội ngũ OOS Software
OOS Software team
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