12 indispensable skills in human resource management

Currently, human resources is a "hot" industry, one of the industries that is attracting many people. With the current development of Vietnam plus the investment of large foreign corporations, the need for human resource development of each company is huge to compete in the context of the labor market in Vietnam. There is a shortage of talent for senior positions. Therefore, every business needs to have good human resources to develop talent for the company.

General requirements for candidates for this position are experience, life capital, analytical and orientation ability, vision, organizational ability and, importantly, teamwork skills. However, any job requires skills to become professional and rise to higher positions. Let's find out what skills are needed for the HR field!

1. Professional skills

The characteristics of professional skills are indispensable for human resource managers, that is: forecasting personnel needs and planning human resources, sketching a good candidate portrait from success factors. of the job, arrange an impressive and successful interview, ask interview questions to identify the "nature" of the candidate, build a two-way internal information system, guide new employees to integrate the company…

Always remember, improving professional skills is extremely important and never superfluous. When you have real capacity, any working environment and conditions in general and human resource management in particular will not make you bewildered. Above all, in the task of managing people, knowledge is essential.

2. Personnel skills

You must be good at HR skills, including: HR Strategy and Management, Human Resource Planning and Human Development, Organizational Design, Recruitment, Training, Advanced Method performance, Salary and benefits, employee support.

3. Working skills

The first quality of a human resources worker is dedication because most of the human resource work is "taking care of others" from specific things such as salary and benefits to training, as well as organizing the ministry. machine… In addition, human resource workers need to have good analytical and organizational skills to ensure that human resources are inherited and long-term.

4. Communication skills

The HR profession requires employees to have skills in communication and working with the team, you must be sensitive and skillful in dealing with employees in the company, understand the personality and nature of the company. each person's work, always ready to help and give appropriate advice when needed.

- Behave properly, politely, in harmony with everyone and know how to control yourself

-Have a confident and convincing demeanor and voice

-Have a broad understanding of society and know how to adapt to all situations

- Observant, intelligent, able to absorb appropriate advice in all situations

-Learn to speak fluently and listen, or you must practice the ability to convey commands well to people.

Communication skills are one of the most necessary soft skills not only in the HR management profession but in all other jobs. Learn more Effective and successful communication skills so you can better understand it.

5. Persuasion skills

Besides communication skills, especially the ability to persuade is also among the necessary requirements when recruiting human resources staff.

Skill in persuading employees and persuading both employers in the process of resolving internal conflicts or in persuading superiors to accept the proposed plan.

6. High pressure resistance

In any management position, you are under pressure at work. If you don't practice the above skill, the pressure you are under will increase even more.

7. Problem-solving skills

The ability to detect, solve problems, and quality decision-making represent a manager's level of competence, helping to rise above the competition.

8. Negotiation skills

You have to use this skill a lot, especially when you have to negotiate the salary of new employees, convince both employees and the Board of Directors to resolve labor disputes and conflicts, etc.

9. Teamwork skill

For large companies with a methodical human resource policy, you cannot take on all the jobs in the company at the same time, but can only take on each part (simply because the workload is too much). Therefore, at work, you need the support of other departments and functional departments of the Human Resources department to complete the job. You are a member of a team, the success or failure of the group is also your success or failure. Therefore, you need to get along with everyone and coordinate well with your team to get the job done smoothly.

10. Listening Skills

To hone their knowledge as well as improve their skills, human resource professionals need to know how to "listen"! Going in-depth with employees and promptly adjusting labor relations in a timely manner in all situations and events. Sometimes, a good HR director also has to turn himself into a good speaker and diplomat, helping to motivate and synergize the whole company to "drive the business boat" up.

11. Ability to solve problem

During your work, you will solve many conflicting situations between employees and businesses. You have to solve this difficult problem so as not to offend both sides. HR people need to have a "calm head and a hot heart".

12. Psychological reading skills

Understanding other people's psychology well will help you a lot when interviewing candidates, recognizing and accurately assessing their potential. If you have this ability, you can easily reach, share and keep good employees in the company to avoid "job hopping".

In any company, the human resources department must always be the mediator between employees and employers. Therefore, the person in charge of human resources must have basic principles to ensure the legitimate interests of both parties. For me, the most important thing is that the company complies with the legal requirements. In addition, human resources workers must always pay attention to the individual's situation.

In addition to the necessary professional elements that the human resources profession requires, to become a good human resource professional, you need to have the following additional conditions: 

  • Must be a business strategist for the company and organization, must be on the team that advises the directional plans for the Board of Directors or the Board of Directors.
  • Most importantly, people working in human resources need to have a "heart" for the profession as well as for the surrounding colleagues.
  • Working in a team environment, supporting development with his effective associates.
  • A career in human resources does not require you to start with a professional degree. It is important that you love this profession and have the required qualities. To be able to hold a management position in the human resources profession, young people should start with specific jobs. If you have the right qualifications and well-developed professional skills, it's only a matter of time before promotion.
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