Digital transformation in business: How to be successful?

Citizens can use the software installed on their phones, computers, or access the website to register quickly by scanning the QR code on the new citizen's identity, verifying the registrant's identity by e-mail. - Advanced KYC. It can be seen that digital transformation is taking place strongly in many aspects of life. Businesses, if they do not keep up with the trend, will become obsolete.

In fact, digital transformation is more than just the application of new technologies. According to a McKinsey study, there are more than 70% digital transformations that do not meet the set goals.

Pioneer from the top.

Enterprises that want to implement digital transformation must be the first to do this. Many leaders are still not mentally prepared for technology upgrades and think that digital transformation is the job and task of the IT department.

In fact, digital transformation needs the participation of all employees in the business, whose leadership will be the pioneer. That means leaders must understand digital transformation, must have the mindset of business leaders and understand the importance of digital transformation to help businesses develop more, thereby motivating employees. towards the overall vision of the business.

Strategies for Conversions number

Businesses need to come up with a specific goal and develop a workable plan that is appropriate to the current state of the organization. This work will include picking out areas for improvement and then starting to integrate digital systems into these areas.

Organizational goals need to be a step-by-step process. Businesses can lead to failure if they try to complete a step in a hurry.

Change management

It can be said that digital transformation will sometimes bring a revolution in businesses, changing the way businesses operate, the way businesses work. Manual processes will be digitized on technology platforms. Therefore, the new management change is more suitable so that employees can get used to the new changes.

Data systematization

Data is one of the highly valuable resources and the inalienable asset of any business. To successfully convert numbers, it must be based on the database. However, many businesses do not realize the importance of building a solid data foundation before applying advanced support tools. Besides, it is also necessary to build a process to use data effectively.

Selecting and applying appropriate digital transformation support technologies

Depending on the characteristics of each business, there will be different goals and directions for digital transformation. This means that businesses are forced to base on their own problems to choose and combine the application of supporting technologies for a more suitable transition period.

Currently, many solutions are equipped for businesses to facilitate the digital transformation process. However, not every solution or tool is suitable for businesses and not having to use as many tools is best.

That is also the reason why many businesses, despite being well prepared, still fail to convert. So how to choose the right solution for your business?

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