Hoan My Corporation x HUMAX: Vietnam's leading medical corporation brings technology to medical human resource management

Hoan My Medical Group

Perfect is a private medical group with the largest hospital and clinic chain in Vietnam, always present in the list of leading quality hospital and clinic chains.

Hoan My is committed to excellence in clinical examination, training and research to provide the best care. The healthcare network includes more than 2,900 beds operating across 14 hospitals and 7 clinics. Over 26 years of operation, Hoan My has built a solid reputation in providing patient-centered healthcare services, at reasonable costs and with high quality. Hoan My currently has more than 5,500 employees and served more than 5 million outpatient visits last year.

Hệ thống Y khoa Hoàn Mỹ
Hoan My Medical System

Hoan My before digitizing human resources

With 14 specialized hospitals and 7 clinics spread across the country, management and human resource development at all levels of the corporation face many difficulties with specific problems in the medical and hospital industry. 

Human resource management and development in the health sector not only requires professionalism but also faces specific problems of this field: 

  • Manage a variety of employees and contracts (more than 5,500 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, management staff, office administrators, etc.), leading to many types of records, salaries, and training programs. create, evaluate…
  • Human resource management at distributed work locations: 14 hospitals and 7 clinics stretching from North to South.
  • Complicated timekeeping operations (overtime, night shifts, weekend shifts, flexible shifts).
  • The problem of salaries and grades based on regulations, commission mechanism for each surgery, etc.
  • Manage personnel records, practice licenses and training certificates of more than 5,500 employees, especially for documents and certificates with limited deadlines that require continuous renewal, making it easy for personnel overlooked and lost information with a huge number of employees.

With the goal of maintaining the position of the leading medical system in the country, the group's human resources are always focused on investment, and are a sustainable foundation for Hoan My's development. After more than 6 months of researching and researching international and Vietnamese human resources solutions, Hoan My Group officially selected OOS Software as its partner to implement digital transformation in human resource management at the system. 

Hoan My Corporation joined hands with OOS to bring technology into medical human resource management

Hoàn Mỹ Corporation bắt tay cùng OOS đưa công nghệ vào quản trị nguồn nhân lực y khoa
Hoan My Corporation joined hands with OOS to bring technology into medical human resource management

On the afternoon of December 18, the launching ceremony of the HUMAX Human Resources Management Software project at Hoan My Medical System officially took place successfully. The ceremony was attended by leaders of the Group, Board of Directors and project implementation departments of both sides. This is a special milestone marking the cooperation and development of Hoan My Group and OOS Software.

After a period of cooperation to learn and find solutions to problems in human resource management at Hoan My Corporation, HUMAX is the solution to the remaining difficult problem in Hoan My Medical System. 

All HR operations on a single platform
Separate systems, separate employee data sources, and fragmented workflows create complex processes and add hours of work. CoffeeHR provides a comprehensive, secure solution, capable of solving all four major problems in the human resources management system: Data management according to the standard structure of Master Data, Automation of all tasks. human resources, resource development in accordance with the Organization's requirements and especially supports many advanced features to support talent retention and resource engagement: Career development roadmap, succession team, management talent management.

  • Unified and secure management of human resource data.
  • Help recruit, recruit and onboard high-quality talent suitable for the business.
  • Simplify salary calculation, work tracking and full management of employee benefits groups.
  • Measure employee experience and performance.
  • Unlock human resources potential, maximize organizational resources.
  • Easily connect additional tools with open integration.

Hoan My Medical Group decided to fully deploy the modules of HUMAX solution: Organizational Management, Human Resources Information Management, Recruitment, Work - Salary, Evaluation, HUMAX Human Resource Portal, Mobile App, with the hope of automating the entire human resources management process, eliminating the risks and costly challenges from previous manual processes. 


OOS greatly appreciates the cooperation between the two sides. Thank Hoan My for trusting and choosing OOS Software as a companion for cooperation and development on the journey of improving the quality of human resources in the health sector to improve and standardize the quality of entire medical examination and treatment services. system, and especially increase public health.

Wishing the cooperation of both sides to be a great success

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