Meracine Pharmaceuticals digitizes Human Resource Management with HUMAX

Meracine Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

In January 2023, Viet Duc Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company changed its new brand name to MERACINE - Dedicated to health, in order to continue to fulfill its commitment to improve product quality, service quality, and meet customer requirements. expectations of our partners, customers, experts, doctors, pharmacists & consumers.

Meracine, a trusted leader in the research, manufacture and distribution of health and beauty related products, has built a strong reputation through its commitment to quality, safety and effective in treating and protecting human health. With a team of leading experts, Meracine constantly offers breakthrough products, leading in the application of advanced technology to bring optimal solutions for health and beauty.

Carrying a pioneering vision, Meracine has opened up a new direction with its biopharmaceutical product line to protect health, marking the difference and pioneering in the pharmaceutical industry. 

With more than 100 diverse product lines, Meracine is spreading its mission to customers nationwide. Each product is a giant step forward in bringing health and confidence to people. This demonstrates Meracine's unwavering commitment to providing the best solutions for people's health and beauty.

There are more than 400 employees in business, office administration, production, Management, human resource development at branches and staff levels at Meracine became difficult to control. The application of digital technology to Human Resource management, if implemented well, will help Meracine cut most of the manual operation management and improve the quality of administration. 

At the time before using Humax, the picture of human resource management of enterprises still needs to be improved and fostered. For example, timekeeping and salary calculation is still not synchronized with complex C&B problems. This situation occurs frequently, leading to a significant waste of time, human resources, dispersion in personnel records management and prolonging the processing progress of related procedures.

That is the reason and also a great motivation for the Management Board of Meracine Pharmaceuticals to be determined to apply digital technology to improve the shortcomings in human resource management and, at the same time, to optimize the effectiveness of related activities towards the end of the year. comprehensive digital transformation for businesses.

HUMAX accompanies Meracine Pharmaceuticals in the journey of digitizing Human Resource Management

Meracine hợp tác số hóa quản trị nhân sự cùng HUMAX
Meracine cooperates to digitize human resource management with HUMAX

Humax is a human resource management solution that aggregates, digitizes and automatically aggregates work - calculates salary and evaluates company personnel, Meracine Pharmaceutical's leadership has unanimously selected and widely deployed the platform. this platform on the whole system. With this technology solution, the dilemmas of Organizational governance, automation of payroll and recruitment processes, and building of Meracine's Master Data security system are thoroughly solved.

Speaking at the Project Kick-off Ceremony, Ms. Le Thi Oanh - Head of Human Resources Department at Meracine shared: “This is the first time Meracine Pharmaceuticals uses Human Resource Management Software, which is also an important step in the application of transformation. digital transformation in the HR management process at the enterprise. Meracine Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company believes and expects this cooperation with OOS Software.”

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