Homefarm x HUMAX: Overall acceptance of the Human Resources Management software implementation project

Homefarm International Joint Stock Company

HOMEFARM is an imported food retail system with products such as US - Australian beef, imported fresh salmon, imported and exported seafood. With a system of more than 200 stores, spread across the country, Homefarm is currently the largest chain of stores specializing in selling imported food in Vietnam. This position will probably continue to be maintained when Homefarm intends to triple the number of stores in the next 2 years. 

Owning the largest store system in the country, with a staff of more than 600 employees working scatteredly, Homefarm has encountered many difficulties in managing its human resources operations. 

Hệ thống chuỗi bán lẻ Thực phẩm nhập khẩu HOMEFARM
HOMEFARM imported food retail chain system

Tangled knots in Human Resources Management at the former Homefarm retail system

Fast growth rate, large staff fluctuations, average from 30% - 50% in 01 year.

In a rapidly evolving business environment, businesses increasingly face many challenges in human resource management. This is especially true in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, where fierce competition and high staff turnover are two important factors that can greatly impact the success of a business. .

At Homefarm, rapid growth and large personnel fluctuations are a visible feature of the enterprise. Statistics show that, on average, Homefarm branches face staff fluctuations from 30% to 50% within a year. This fluctuation can arise from many reasons, including employee turnover, rapid business expansion, or even fierce competition in recruitment.

Fierce competition in recruitment, recruitment and training costs at Homefarm are large.

Second, fierce competition in recruitment poses a big challenge for Homefarm. To maintain a team of quality employees and ensure uninterrupted business operations, Homefarm often has to spend a large amount of money to recruit and train new employees. Recruitment demand is high, there is no clear recruitment process, control of recruitment results, as well as recruitment costs at Homefarm is always a big question mark in Human Resources Management. 

The transfer of personnel between stores in the Homefarm system takes place regularly according to the characteristics of the industry.

Third, the transfer of personnel between stores in the system takes place regularly at Homefarm. This often occurs due to industry specificities, such as peak and off-peak seasons in business or the need to balance the workforce across different store chains. However, managing and implementing this transfer process can be difficult, and failure to do so effectively can lead to disruption in business operations.

Managing timekeeping, shifts of personnel, as well as manually controlling the personnel transfer process in a system of more than 200 stores nationwide is impossible. Risks in the process of storing and processing data, errors and difficulties in the management process are always waiting.

Require management of personnel costs by each sales location (Cost center) to have a basis for making decisions about opening new operations, shutting down operations or promoting Sales & Marketing.

Fourth, to effectively manage personnel-related costs, Homefarm needs to monitor and analyze each sales location (Cost center). This helps them better understand where they are contributing to profits and where they are causing losses. Based on this information, they have a basis to make detailed decisions about opening new stores, discontinuing operations in ineffective locations or focusing on Sales & Marketing campaigns at potential locations. develop. However, information management at Homefarm is not consistent. Information management is separated, the amount of human resources information is huge, putting great pressure on the Human Resources department, and the control and updating of information is not timely, leading to many errors in operations. 

HUMAX Human Resources management software helps Homefarm maintain its position as the leading retail store chain in Vietnam

Số hóa Quản trị Nhân sự Homefarm x HUMAX
Digitizing Human Resources Management Homefarm x HUMAX

After a long time accompanying Homefarm to find solutions to the backlog in Human Resources management, HUMAX easily handled the problems in the operating system at Homefarm. 

Providing management solutions throughout the human resource lifecycle

To ensure the employee's working process goes smoothly, from onboarding to offboarding, HUMAX has supported Homefarm in building a comprehensive management system. This includes creating automated processes to facilitate information input, handling issues related to human resources information, compensation, insurance, taxes, and regulations related to human resources. employment and rest, evaluation process, personnel training,...

Provide tools for analyzing human resource data

HUMAX provides a reporting system that analyzes human resource data, easily monitoring and evaluating the performance and efficiency of human resource processes. Based on the reporting system, Homefarm can analyze data in many dimensions, from the number of employees, the ratio between foreigners and Vietnamese, to performance evaluation, risk of job separation, and satisfaction level. employee satisfaction... From there, quick and timely adjustments can be made to prevent resource loss. 

Solve payroll problems with digital management tools

With more than 600 employees working across the entire system across the country, including nearly 100 seasonal and part-time employees in the store and production sector, the problem of timekeeping and salary calculation at Homefarm is a problem. very difficult. Broken shift problems, shift arrangement, salary calculation for office blocks, production blocks, and store blocks; Storing salary data, salary information, salary history, etc. are both difficult problems and risky gaps in Human Resources management at Homefarm. 

HUMAX provides a diverse library of salary formulas, integrating many forms of timekeeping (GPS, FaceID,...), along with a realtime reporting system, making it easy to monitor and make correct management decisions. correct. 

HUMAX has helped Homefarm save up to 60% of Human Resources administration time compared to the original traditional process. 

Improving Human Resources Performance Management at Homefarm

HUMAX supports monitoring and managing overall performance with a system of flexible evaluation methods built according to industry characteristics: KPI evaluation criteria set, OKR, ASK methods, etc.

Evaluation diary (Feedback continue) with daily and weekly cycles for regular feedback and timely help instead of having to wait for official monthly or yearly evaluations.

Decentralize assessment authority, create a clear flow, two-way interaction between personnel to self-assess or manage assessment.


The HUMAX Human Resources Management digital transformation project at Homefarm is considered a strong and correct step for the Homefarm food retail chain system. With Homefarm, HUMAX is not simply Human Resources Management software, but also a tool to support Homefarm's continuous transformation and development, and maintain its position in the retail market. The cooperation between the two sides will not only stop at the time of project implementation, but will also be a long-term strategic cooperation in the future. 

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