Building a 5-step recruitment process to attract talent for businesses

"What is HR Recruitment??” is a difficult question for many businesses in general or employers in particular. For them, how to best implement the recruitment process is a big challenge. So, listen to Coffee HR share the content below to know the effective direction.

What is HR Recruitment?

What is HR Recruitment?? For many businesses, recruiting personnel is difficult for anyone to do well. And to find the cause, we first need to understand the most basic concepts contained in that question.

Who is HR? or what is called "HR"? Human resources is simply understood as employees, and recruitment is the activity of finding and attracting workers.

Recruitment personnel is understood as the process of attracting employees with aspirations and labor capacity for the enterprise from many different sources (internal or external), with the same desire and aspiration to develop with the enterprise.

Usually, recruitment activities take place when the company wants to expand, change, supplement personnel or increase work efficiency. The recruitment process plays a huge role in human resource management, because if there is a mistake, the consequences will be very unpredictable and directly determine the progress of the whole enterprise.

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The role of personnel recruitment

As said, staff recruitment process will be the core factor in the survival and development of the business. Because, recruiting personnel brings a clear impact on 3 main aspects: businesses, employees and society. So what are the benefits of recruiting? Let's answer with Coffee HR in the content below:

Role for business

The most noticeable thing in recruitment is the increase in the number of employees. Timely replenishment of human resources in accordance with the requirements will bring to the enterprise a team of skilled, dynamic and creative human resources, helping the company realize its business goals effectively. Therefore, personnel recruitment This is an important and initial process in human resource management, if this step is not completed well, the next steps will not be completed easily.

Besides, this is also a condition to increase the ability of healthy competition. If businesses can recruit quality personnel who are ready for the common goal of company development, this will be an opportunity to compete in the market, which will be more sustainable.

In addition, a favorable recruitment process, bringing good results will be a premise to reduce the burden of costs and time, contributing to improving recruitment quality and developing brand names, attracting many talented people.

Tuyển dụng nhân sự sẽ bổ sung kịp thời nguồn nhân lựcRecruiting personnel will promptly replenish human resources in accordance with the requirements of the business

Role for with workers

Personnel recruitment will be the opportunity of any employee who wants to work, increase income and develop in a team with the same goal. This is also a process for employees to understand the views of the leader, thereby determining whether this working environment is suitable for them or not.

When there are many people applying for the same position, a competitive atmosphere is gradually formed, making it impossible for the personnel to neglect the position they are sitting.

Role for with society

Personnel recruitment not only bring many benefits to both the business and the recruited, but also to the society. In society, when recruitment activities are carried out, social problems such as unemployment and evils will be significantly reduced. Moreover, the common goals of society are also easily achieved such as high education level, employed workers, developed enterprises, etc.

Effective recruitment process for businesses

The real value of work human resources recruitment with many aspects, bringing not only financial benefits but also time, culture, etc. However, to go right Recruitment processEvery business has to go through the following two stages:

  • Employee Recruitment
  • Personnel selection

Employee recruitment process

In the first step, recruiting personnel is focused by businesses on the issue of demand personnel recruitment, how to find and increase the number of potential candidates coming to the company.

Identify recruitment needs

Determining the hiring needs is the initial process of determining the quantity, structure and quality of the candidates required to implement the company's predefined business plans.

Orientation of human resource needs

To clarify the human resource needs in the enterprise, managers will need to base on the following criteria:

  • Business goals: The company's goals are the basis for determining both the quantity and quality of candidates.

For example: Company A specializes in distributing technology products, target to increase market share by 35% and profit to increase by 25% in 2017, which will affect sales target. Thereby, based on the average productivity of sales staff in the previous year, 2015 to determine the number of salespeople needed in 2016.

  • Company business plan: In addition to the business goals, the business plan in each period also helps to determine the quantity, quality and structure of the personnel to be recruited.
  • Quality status of employees: The quality of the existing human resources is also the basis for determining the level of human resource supply with the future human demand.
  • Standards of work: This is an important factor in determining the quality of enterprise personnel. With the job description, businesses will determine the quality of employees to recruit to match the job standards.
  • Average labor productivity: The average labor productivity will be the basis for determining the need for the required number of employees. Thereby, the enterprise will provide the number of people to recruit in the year of implementation.
  • Alternatives to recruitment: Once the recruitment need has been identified, the enterprise will study the short-term or long-term shortage of human resource needs. From there, offer alternative solutions to save costs but still achieve effective goals for businesses.

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How to identify recruitment needs?

    • Job analysis: Based on the basis of goals, business plans, the amount of work to be completed of the enterprise, etc., from which the recruitment needs will be determined. The steps to be taken to orient the recruitment demand are: Determine the amount of work to be completed; determine the average labor level of human resources; Determine the number of employees needed and determine the number of employees to recruit.
    • Causality rate: The recruitment demand is based on the volume, business size and capacity of employees with the assumption of unchanged productivity.

Search and attract candidates

Finding and attracting candidates is a big challenge for any business. Therefore, Coffee HR would like to offer some suggestions about recruitment sources that those who are looking for talented people should know:

Làm cách nào để doanh nghiệp thu hút được nhiều ứng viên
How can businesses attract more talented candidates?
  • Recruitment source inside the company: Forms such as automatic promotion, promotion or public bidding for jobs, etc., all bring out good candidates with capabilities and dignity on the basis of previous work, creating conditions for development and promotion for employees. Besides, recruiting internally within the company is also less costly and time consuming. However, the limitation of this form is the quantity and quality of candidates, creating a premise for the management rut and lack of creativity, etc.
  • Sources of recruitment outside the company: Those are those who are not employees of the company but have the need and ability to work for the business. Employers will need to find job brokerage centers, training institutions or job fairs, etc. This method of recruitment is considered to have a rich and diverse supply in both quality and quantity. , creating a new management environment for businesses. However, the disadvantage of this form is that the recruitment cost is quite high, it takes time to get used to the environment and work more.

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Personnel selection process

This is the step of comparing and screening many candidates with the previously given recruitment standards to determine which is the right candidate for the business. Here are some candidate assessment techniques used by most employers:

Filter candidates

After the candidates have submitted their application documents for the vacancy, the enterprise conducts screening of applications.

Sàng lọc hồ sơ
Screening resumes is an indispensable step when selecting talented people

Resume screening is a technique based on studying each candidate's profile with the goal of assessing their ability against recruitment standards. This technique is often the first step in the process personnel selection, to eliminate candidates who do not meet the most basic requirements.

Interviewing candidates

This is the official conversation between the employer and the candidate. They will evaluate this candidate in many other aspects that are not clear in the application.

The objective of the interview is to gather more information about the job applicant, such as: knowledge of the job, skills, experience or other abilities that support the job. The reason is because the information available from the selection tool is not enough or unclear, and the interview process will be an opportunity for the candidate to provide information and the employer will get to know them better. In addition, the interview is also the time when the recruiter introduces information about the company, making the job applicant better understand the advantages of the business. This is a form of advertising that is considered quite effective for many cases.

Announcement of interview results

Thông báo kết quả phỏng vấn
Announcement of interview results is the final step in the recruitment process

Once they have obtained the necessary information about the candidate, the employer will assess whether they meet the organization's selection requirements. And finally, if approved, the business will decide to select that candidate.

Some notes when recruiting personnel

The job of recruiting personnel is considered quite difficult and easily causes many errors in the implementation process. That's why recruitment experts had to carefully observe to draw notes when recruiting personnel. So be careful when What is HR Recruitment?? Let's take a look at Coffee HR with the following notes:

  • Develop a thorough recruitment plan: The first thing to determine is the purpose of the recruitment: expanding the staff or improving the quality of the staff. And when is the best time to deploy?
  • Clear job description online and offline: Candidates will often read the job description carefully, to determine whether to apply or not. Therefore, in this step, employers need to have the skills to arrange information according to job position, which information should be put at the top, which one at the end, makes employees attractive.
Nhà tuyển dụng cần có kỹ năng sắp xếp các thông tin theo vị trí công việc
Employers need to have the skills to organize information by job position
  • Limiting candidates "jumping jobs": Many talented employees do not stick with an organization for a long time. This may be because the business has not satisfied their requirements, or they do not have the goals to strive for in the previous position. Based on this factor, people personnel recruitment will predict the quality of personnel or what the company will do to be able to recruit them.


Understand the job What is HR Recruitment?, the easier it is for employers to build and deploy a search and recruitment process. In addition, businesses can consider using Recruitment software in parallel to increase efficiency and save resources during the talent attraction phase.

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