10 ways to engage employees in the enterprise

Employee Engagement is the foundation for businesses to build a strong team, working together to implement plans and goals to gradually help the business develop strongly. Employee solidarity plays a very important role for the company. So how to engage employees to create the most comfortable working environment for them? Please refer to CoffeeHR's article below.

Nhân viên gắn kết giúp tập thể vững mạnh hơn
Engaged employees help the team become stronger

What is employee engagement?

So employee engagement What is that?

Employee Engagement (Employees Engagement) is the secret to success of many giants in the global market, typically Google, Walt Disney, Audi,... When each employee in a business feels connected to the company and colleagues, they will focus Dedicated to work, bringing high performance and spreading happiness to customers.

Nhân viên phải có được cảm giác tận hưởng trong chính công việc của họ
Employees must have a sense of enjoyment in their own work

At every company, employee engagement is based on two-way commitment, integrity, trust and communication between employees and the business. As employee engagement increases, the chances of business success also increase.

Whether or not a business has engaged employees depends on its human resource management policies and methods. If you want to know if employees are well-engaged, what is the level of engagement,... see if they feel great every day going to work, if they know what they will do that day and if they have any new ideas for work. job or not?

Sự công nhận giúp nhân viên cảm thấy mình có giá trị
Recognition helps employees feel valued

Why should we engage employees in businesses?

There are 4 reasons why businesses should engage employees: Improve productivity and work efficiency, reduce employee turnover, improve company culture, and limit absence time.

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Reasons to engage employees in the business

Improve productivity and work efficiency

Employees who only go to work to get paid and do not want to stick around tend to find ways to get the least amount of work. On the contrary, an employee who really wants to stick around and devote himself to bringing benefits to the business will make efforts and be creative to bring the best quality of work.

Khi nhân viên gắn kết với doanh nghiệp, họ sẽ biết cách nâng cao năng suất làm việc
When employees are engaged with the business, they will know how to improve their productivity

Reduce employee turnover

According to many studies, retaining employees is a big challenge for businesses. In small businesses, when employees quit, it causes disruptions in services, costs money and easily upsets customers. Not to mention, replacing employees who just left also costs up to 40% in salary.

In fact, an employee can be satisfied with the work they are doing. However, if they are offered a higher salary elsewhere, they will easily "give up" and leave. On the contrary, an employee who is committed to the company often does not want to give up his position. They feel valuable and responsible in helping the business reach its set goals.

When employees are truly committed to the business, the temptation of money and benefits will not "steal" them away from your company. Simply because the mental and emotional connection to their work is extremely close. Therefore, the employee engagement has great significance in reducing personnel turnover in today's hyper-competitive market.


Khi có sự gắn bó với công ty, nhân sự ít có xu hướng rời bỏ
When there is attachment to the company, employees are less likely to leave

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Enhance company culture

A “bad” culture can be the “worm” that destroys an organization. Therefore, company culture is extremely important for all employees, regardless of their position in the business. When there is a certain attachment to the organization, employees understand their important role. Therefore, they can help lead, train and advise those around them. This is also a way to build and spread good corporate culture that many companies are applying.

Limit absence time

Employees who are committed to the company will really want to go to work to contribute, they believe in what they are doing. There are few cases of being late, missing meetings or missing work. Many people even take advantage of their personal time to put effort into their work.

How to engage employees to help businesses develop stably

Communication is an important factor

To employee engagement, communication is the key. The frequency and manner in which managers communicate with employees affects their level of engagement. When there is a good relationship with leaders, managers, and superiors, it is likely that employees will want to stay for a long time. When being ignored, not being cared for, not being listened to,... the likelihood of leaving the company will be higher.

Để nhân viên gắn kết hơn, quản lý cần giao tiếp thường xuyên để thấu hiểu
To make employees more engaged, managers need to communicate regularly to understand

To fully listen to your employees' thoughts and aspirations, you should regularly meet, discuss, share and maintain contact with them. This is a way to help employees understand and connect more with each other.

Between the enterprise and between departments, cohesion can be strengthened through collaborative work projects. This method helps keep communication steady, helps employees be inspired by their colleagues, and increases a sense of belonging.

Teambuilding activities

Nothing employee engagement More wonderful than team building activities. These outdoor activities help personnel across departments easily get to know, learn and bond with each other. Not to mention, teambuilding also creates conditions for businesses to promote better images.

Regularly organizing teambuilding also helps employees improve mental health, reduce pressure in daily work, and recharge energy to return to the work cycle in the best way.

Matching goals and values

Any business needs to clearly define its goals, mission and vision. When the mission statement is clear and strong, your employees will have a clearer picture of the business's development picture. They will know what they are doing, how and what they serve.

Doanh nghiệp phải xác định rõ mục tiêu và giá trị của mình để nhân viên biết họ đang cống hiến vì điều gì
Businesses must clearly define their goals and values so employees know what they are dedicating to

When building and establishing business goals and values, leaders can also consult with subordinates to know what they think about the company's goals. Based on this, you can easily outline the overall goals of the business through the insight of the employees themselves.

Reward when employees do well

One of the ways employee engagement The most effective way is to reward them when they complete the job well. Rewards are meant to encourage and motivate employees to work harder and more productively to soon achieve their goals.

Recognizing employees with rewards is an effective method applied by many businesses. It lets employees know they are on the right track, helping increase engagement, loyalty and inspiration at work.

When they feel appreciated, employees are less likely to leave their current jobs or run for new jobs with better income. Besides, employees are increasingly engaged and make continuous efforts to achieve good results. Therefore, this is an important human resource management lesson that every business leader needs to implement.

Comfortable working space

Spending 8 hours or more in the office every day, employees take their workspace very seriously. Therefore, equipping a workplace with enough amenities, comfort and friendliness will help your employees work more effectively. Suggest some ways to design a workplace for employees:

  • The workplace must be suitable for the nature of the work
  • There is an area providing food and drinks
Đừng quên tạo môi trường làm việc thoải mái cho nhân viên
Don't forget to create a comfortable working environment for employees

Full health benefits

The barrier between employees and businesses is partly broken when their health is taken care of. Because the need for safety is a basic human need, if met, employees tend to stay with the business longer. Therefore, businesses can take care of their employees' health by:

  • Pay full health insurance and physical insurance according to regulations
  • Organize free medical examination and treatment programs periodically
  • Meal expenses payment policy when employees work overtime
  • Flexible working hours policy depending on job characteristics
  • There is an area providing food and drinks

Regularly train employees

To create conditions for employees to develop more, businesses regularly organize training and provide training courses to improve knowledge and professional skills. Having this policy, work employee engagement with business will be more profound. Suggested activities to help employees develop themselves:

  • Organize courses to improve professional skills and soft skills for work
  • Find out the development orientation of employees, have a plan to help them develop in their career
  • Support costs for employees to attend other courses outside the business
  • Evaluate employee work performance periodically
  • Communicate and listen to employees regularly
Doanh nghiệp cần tổ chức training thường xuyên cho nhân viên công ty
Businesses need to organize regular training for company employees

Become a good manager

Many surveys show that employees tend to stay with the company longer if they are satisfied with their manager's leadership ability. By creating positive emotions, managers will make their employees more enthusiastic at work.

As a manager, you can do the following with your employees:

  • Communicate regularly with your employees
  • Continuously improve knowledge and skills in work management and human resource management
  • Trust and assign work to the right people
  • Encourage employees to give reviews and comments so that both parties can understand each other better
  • Maintain positive morale and attitude with employees

Inspirational leadership

Leaders and employees have a close relationship with each other. Employees want to work under leaders who have a vision of people, value their values, and demonstrate honesty, making them more motivated to engage with their work.

Measure and improve engagement

Once you have fully applied the help methods employee engagement mentioned above, businesses need to conduct measurements to receive feedback from their own employees. From there, promptly take appropriate actions to prevent bad situations that may occur.

Cuối cùng, doanh nghiệp phải đo lường để xác định mức độ gắn kết nhân viên
Finally, businesses must measure to determine the level of employee engagement

Currently, businesses are applying three basic metrics: Employee Turnover Rates, Employee Net Promoter Scores and Employer Satisfaction Scores.

To ensure the most accurate and objective measurement results, businesses need to pay attention to the frequency and consistency in the measurement, collection and processing process. All employee feedback needs to be collected in real time, most effectively when employees contribute ideas to the business.

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Above is the most condensed knowledge about the role, meaning and methods of work employee engagement (Employee Engagement) in human resource management. When a business has a truly deeply engaged staff, it will create a solid foundation to help the business grow stronger and reach further in the market.

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