Top 5 most standard daily, weekly and monthly report templates

Work report form are very familiar forms with "office people", used very commonly in organizations and businesses in all different fields and industries. Through these forms, the performer fully presents what has been done and achieved in a certain period of time. Do you know work report template What does the most standard include? If you do not know, please refer to the article below!

What is a work report template?

Sample report job can simply be understood as a summary presentation of all the tasks and tasks that the report-writing employee has personally done in the day/week/month/year under consideration. In addition, this report also shows the cooperation to complete the assigned tasks and work of both individuals and a group of employees when implementing a proposed project or plan.

And this work report will be presented to the heads of departments, departments or leaders of companies and businesses, so that they can see the overall performance of the individual employee and the group or department. In the company, there are clear evaluations, comments, rewards and punishments for other employees to take as an example and adjust their own working process.

Báo cáo công việc thể hiện những việc nhân viên đã làm được
Work reports show what employees have done

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Purpose of work report

For businesses, every employee needs to know how to build and present work report template of individuals and groups, departments, etc., because this report has the following purposes for businesses, organizations, and companies:

  • Show employees' ability to work and responsibility to the business
  • The employee through the plan can self-assess his ability and dedication to the company and enterprise
  • Through the report, the individual writer can objectively view his completed and unfinished work, thereby modifying and improving to better respond to the position and assigned work. upcoming.
  • Helping leaders, department heads, departments, ... in the enterprise can capture and manage the performance of employees in each specific period.
  • Support the enterprise's senior management team to see people with good capacity, to allocate, mobilize and assign reasonable tasks and responsibilities in accordance with the capacity of each employee.
Báo cáo công việc thể hiện khả năng làm việc của nhân viên
Work report shows the employee's working ability

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The role of the work report template

With each department, the department in charge of different jobs and responsibilities in the business will have work report template They are different, but they all have the same role:

  • Briefly present the work items that an individual employee, or a specific department or department of the enterprise can perform on a periodic basis such as: week, month, quarter, year. 
  • Show in detail all issues related to the work implementation of individuals and departments
  • Detailed presentation of work status and results
Báo cáo công việc là nền tảng để ban lãnh đạo khen thưởng nhân viên
The work report is the foundation for the management to reward employees
  • From the report, the employee can self-review whether he has given his best effort and worked well with the assigned position and task.
  • Show the evaluation content of the performer and the supervisor directly in charge, so that the company's leadership can manage the personnel, have rewards/punishments for other employees to take as an "example" to follow.
  • Help the company's leadership to have solutions such as dispatching, changing personnel, reducing or increasing the workload, increasing benefits, etc. to ensure that all employees have the best working spirit.

What is the content of the work report?

Because it is a report that presents the tasks and work that individuals and departments have achieved in a certain period of time, such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc., the work report needs to be presented professionally on the website. Word or Excel software platform that is familiar to office workers, contains the following contents:

  • Name of the business or organization where the individual or department that the person making the report is working for.
  • Full name and basic information of the employee making the report, such as: address, position, department, position working
  • Date, time, same place, specific time at the start of writing the report.
  • Fully present the contents of the assigned work, with the same time and specific time limit, and what work items have been completed by the individual and the department, and the results of that work. Star,…
  • Contents of uncompleted tasks and tasks, and reasons and difficulties (if any) when performing those tasks or jobs
  • Opinions, wishes and aspirations of the report writer himself or the department or department wants to send to the company or enterprise in the hope of being heard and approved.
  • The work report template Daily, weekly, monthly may need to add more specific content such as the name of the project being implemented by the enterprise, which stage of the project is assigned work, etc.
Báo cáo công việc thể hiện rõ được năng lực của mỗi người nhân viên
The work report clearly shows the capacity of each employee

Sample work report that managers need to know

If this is your first time writing a work report and you don't know how to do it, you can refer to the work report template down here:

Latest daily work report form

This is a report template that only needs to present the work items and work results of individuals, departments, and groups of employees worked in a day, so the content is relatively brief.

Specifically work report template According to the tabular date, you can refer to the following:

Mẫu báo cáo công việc theo ngày
Daily work report template

Download the daily report form

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Detailed weekly work report template

This is a summary presentation of all the work and tasks that you personally or your team, department, department has done in the required week, the way to build a sample can be as follows:

Báo cáo công việc mẫu theo tuần
Sample work report by week

Download the weekly work report template

Sample work report by month, by quarter

Unlike the two types of work reports with a short time as above, the quarterly work report template will have a lot of content, it is necessary to list a lot more work, because the time period is relatively long, so You need to fully present the specific time assigned to the job, the number of tasks assigned by month, by quarter, the completed/unfinished work items, etc., which can be built according to the following sample table:

Mẫu báo cáo công việc theo ngày
Quarterly work report form

Download the monthly work report template

Sample annual work report

This is a report template that even if you are an employee of any department, organization or business, you need to make it at the end of each year, when the company, agency or enterprise makes a summary, and this report should state the following: the contents and achievements of the work achieved in the coming year, so that we can clearly see what we have done and have not done. Therefore, it can be presented in the following form:

Mẫu báo cáo công việc cuối năm
Sample year-end work report
Mẫu báo cáo công việc tổng kết năm
Sample year-end work report

Download the annual work report template

Steps to write a work report

Work report form will be performed by individuals, representatives of specific departments, agencies and agencies in order to present the work and work achieved in a specific time. It should be possible to proceed with the following steps:

Các bước viết báo cáo công việc chi tiết
Steps to write a detailed work report

Identify the audience to read the report

The first and relatively important step, as a report writer, needs to clearly identify the audience - see your work report, be it the incumbent department head, sales director, human resources director or other positions. higher-level leaders, thereby orienting on appropriate content, layout, language, and images.

What information should be included in the report?

Once you've identified the audience - viewing your report, then you can clearly define what needs to be included in the report accordingly. But most importantly, work report template It is indispensable to list the work items, tasks that have been achieved and done in the period that the person requesting to write the report needs you to present.

And work report template must include all the assigned work, assigned time, time to conduct, time to complete, level of job completion, etc. Then, you choose to insert data, images, tables, etc. .. to deliver more content.

Cần xác định những nội dung cần có trong báo cáo công việc
It is necessary to determine what should be included in the work report

Use short, concise, professional language

From the audience – see work report your work so that besides the content, you need to use the appropriate language and style in the report, to show your sincerity, respect for the other party, and respect for the current work. in charge of the company or enterprise.

It is necessary to limit the use of many obscure, cumbersome, confusing sentences, not misspellings, not misformatting patterns, characters, images, etc.

Edit the complete report

Finally, before work report If it is approved by the department head or your company's management, make sure it has been carefully reviewed and edited by you to make the final version perfect and submit it. 

You need to remember that promotion opportunities can come to you at any time, so who knows after reading work report your management, the management has a different "View" of you, recognizes your capabilities, strengths, and has good comments, rewards, and can move you to a new department or hand over your position. What about new mind? So every time, everything you need to get done with the best quality, make sure there are no mistakes before you send it out. 

Hãy chỉnh sửa kỹ trước khi gửi báo cáo công việc đi
Please edit carefully before submitting the work report

Some notes when writing work reports

To be able to build work report detailed, specific, professional, highly appreciated, it is most necessary to be easy to read, understand, detailed but coherent. To do so, you need to avoid making the following mistakes:

Report typos: This is a basic error but many people still make it, making the reader of the report uncomfortable because of the "sloppy" and unprofessional nature of the report maker. So be sure to double-check your report for spelling before you send it.

Do not build content: Work report Like many documents used in other office fields, it is necessary to have a clear structure and system of content, with a focus, so that readers can grasp the information and cover your work performance as quickly and as efficiently as possible. best.

Cuối năm là thời điểm mọi nhân viên đều cần viết báo cáo công việc
The end of the year is the time when every employee needs to write a work report

Contains too much data, parameters: In addition to the content needs to be concise, a report containing too much data, parameters, etc. is also easy to make the reader feel "boring", which can be left unfinished. Therefore, the data inserted into the report should prioritize the central numbers that show the results of your work.

Write a report that is too short: While avoiding writing lengthy and rambling reports, reports that are too short and incomplete in content are also not advisable. You should try to build a report of moderate length, containing key information and important content about the work and performance you have done in the past time.

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Thus, the above article presented about the work report template according to the most standard specific time, the simplest and easiest to implement, easy to apply to office workers, office workers, public employees, etc.

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