8 Mistakes that make qualified employees leave

A survey from CEB shows that one-third of key employees of companies often feel bored with their work and management, they always want to find another job.

Employees don't suddenly want to leave the company, they slowly lose interest in work. Michael Kibler - who has spent most of his time studying this phenomenon - calls it brownout - the "low energy work" syndrome.

“Brownout is different from burnout, which is fatigue caused by overwork,” says Kibler. Because, brownout syndrome is not an obvious crisis. People with this syndrome perform quite well in the workplace: they can spend hours researching problems, contributing to teams, knowing what to say at meetings. However, they slowly became bored with their work, and the result was anyone's guess: they wanted to resign."

To avoid brownouts and retain competent employees, companies and management must know where they went wrong.

According to Huffpost, the following reasons lead to the brownout phenomenon and companies need to get rid of them to get the people who deserve it most. Let's find out now 8 Mistakes that cause employees to quit.

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Create too many cumbersome rules

Sai lầm khiến nhân viên có năng lực nghỉ việc

The workplace needs rules but needs strict and correct rules without being too strict.

It doesn't have to be draconian policies, just a few unnecessary regulations make people angry.

When employees feel supervised at work, employees will want to find a new job immediately.

Equal treatment

Sai lầm khiến nhân viên có năng lực nghỉ việc

This is a tactic that works for kids, but not for the workplace.

Treating everyone the same will make good employees think that no matter how hard they work, how much time they dedicate, they will only be treated like idlers.

Poor performance

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In a band, the artist's talent will be judged by the worst player. No matter how well the members played, the audience would only hear the shrill notes from the worst. Companies and organizations also operate in the same way. If they accept that there is a weak link in the organization, they will drag the whole company down.

No praise

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People are underestimating the value of praise. Everyone wants to have a reputation, especially for the core employees who have worked hard for the company. Rewarding individuals who contribute means you care about them.

Managers need to connect all members of the organization and know what they want: reward, recognition or promotion... and give it to them when the work is done.

Not interested

Most employees give up their positions because of their relationship with their boss. A wise company will know how to balance professionalism and affection between people. A leader should congratulate subordinates on their successes, empathize with those in difficulty, and push them to work.

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A boss who does not care about employees will not receive the commitment of subordinates. It's hard to be able to work 8 hours a day, giving your all to someone who cares about nothing but results.

Don't give perspective

It would be as simple as giving employees tasks to do, but setting goals for them is key to running a company. Competent people carry more responsibility, because they really care about the work. So they need the finish line to aim for.

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If they don't set goals, they will get lost and disoriented. If the company cannot come up with a clear plan, the good employees will find another place on their own.

Do not let employees pursue their passions

Competent employees have great passion and desire. Helping them to pursue their own aspirations increases their work performance and satisfaction with the company. But some bosses are limiting the abilities of their subordinates. They worry that productivity will decrease if they loosen control and allow them to pursue their passions. This is an unfounded, unwarranted fear.

A survey has shown that people have the ability to follow their dreams and still keep up with the progress of their work, and the state of excitement will increase their productivity five times over.

Too seriousc

If you think that the workplace is to be serious, you are wrong! It is not possible to work at full capacity without having fun, joy is the way to protect you from brownout. A professional company knows the importance of relaxation.

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Google is a prime example, they have all kinds of services to help employees reduce stress: free meals, bowling, fitness classes, etc. Simple idea: if the workplace is comfortable, you will spend spend more time there.


In short, leaders often only care about the end goal of revenue results, but forget about core values.

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