What is C&B? The role of a C&B specialist in HR

In the human resources department of a company, the C&B position is still quite new and promises an attractive salary. So C&B specialist Who is? What are the duties of this position and what qualifications and skills are required? In this article we will answer all your questions!

What is C&B? Who is a C&B specialist? 

C&B whose full name is Compensation & Benefits (compensation and benefits) is known as a department in the Human Resources department of each company. The basic structure of an HR department includes:

  • Recruitment (R: Recruitment)
  • Training and Development (T&D: Training & Development)
  • C&B: Compensation & Benefit (C&B: Compensation & Benefit)

In the Human Resources department, C&B specialist is responsible for calculating salary, wages, leave of employees based on information provided by accounting and other departments. C&B is most commonly understood as the payroll department – which will directly determine the salary and other benefits you are entitled to. Therefore, this is considered the "power" department in the company, which will "determine your meal".

Chuyên viên C&B là một bộ phận thuộc phòng nhân sự
The C&B specialist is a part of the human resources department

Specific duties of C&B specialists 

C&B Specialist moderate requirements to meet the skills of a human resource management officer, understand the work of the accounting department. At the same time, C&B needs to be able to communicate and exchange with other departments in the company. Some of the main things C&B need to do:

  • Set up a salary scale for each job position in the company
  • Develop criteria for calculating salary, bonus, salary payment regulations
  • Building a human resource system, allocating employees to meet the workload for each department
  • Open employee satisfaction surveys, receive information and feedback to balance the needs and workload of each employee in the company.

The C&B department requires every operation to be absolutely accurate, the database is collated. C&B Specialist must understand the financial situation of the company, balance the workload of each department, each employee to decide the appropriate salary and bonus. Besides, C&B needs to understand the labor law to complete issues such as maternity benefits, social insurance, sick leave. C&B will be the bridge between employees and employers. They balance between the needs of employees and the desires of businesses.

Chuyên viên C&B cần thực hiện nhiều nhiệm vụ cùng lúc
C&B professionals need to perform multiple tasks at the same time

Qualifications and skills required of C&B specialists 

To make one C&B specialist, young people can orient to Human Resource Management at universities, or major in Accounting, Business Administration, Law, etc. After graduation, you can apply to companies with departments. this.

In general, to become a C&B specialist you need to have good job handling skills because this is a job that requires high expertise. Therefore, if you have determined to pursue this career, the following skills are indispensable:

  • Office computer skills: Proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint is a basic requirement not only for C&B jobs but also a common requirement for all jobs today. This skill helps you to work with papers, data information, especially numbers more easily.
  • Foreign language skill: Fluency in at least one foreign language will open up the opportunity for you to work in companies, multinational corporations or companies with the need to expand beyond national borders. As you know, C&B department is an extremely important part in large companies with employees of 200 people or more, so being fluent in foreign languages helps you easily communicate with partners, leaders in the company, and have the opportunity to higher advancement.
  • Data analysis skills: In the era of technology 4.0, holding Big Data in your hand requires you to have the smart and intelligent handling skills of a Business Analytics. The data of employees in the company, working efficiency should be summarized, analyzed and processed in a timely manner by the department. C&B, and those are not baseless figures, but must be proven by facts and analytical and judgmental minds.
  • Legal consulting and application skills: Knowledge of labor law, social insurance is extremely necessary when you are an expert in charge of welfare and benefits issues in the company. Balancing the needs and capabilities of the company and the provisions of the law is essential, but it is also a difficult task, because legal documents are always updated, revised, and responsible. Your job is to have the skills to look up and update the legal situation related to policies and benefits for employees.

In addition, you also need to have soft skills for consulting such as communication and consulting skills, problem-solving skills, complaint handling, staff training skills, etc. will be evaluated by the employer from your interview, probation, and training during the working process. Also because the job requires good expertise but also needs intelligence and agility when working. handle the problem should the experts on C&B Nowadays, there are usually very few, if you study hard and practice your expertise and soft skills, the HeadHunters will not be able to ignore you.

Các kỹ năng cần có của chuyên viên C&B
Essential skills of a C&B specialist

Career opportunities and career paths for C&B specialists 

C&B is an indispensable part of the human resources department of industrial parks and multi-sector corporations. The minimum salary for Newbie C&B insiders is at least 7 million / month, periodically assessed and approved for salary increase. For C&B professionals with 2-4 years of experience in the profession, the minimum salary will range from 15 to 30 million a month, not including allowances, salary bonuses and benefits.

Career progression of C&B specialists

  • Level 1: Payroll Executive (Payroll staff). With this position, you will perform tasks such as: Prepare timesheets and monthly payroll for the staff in the company.
  • Level 2: Payroll Specialist You need to understand and implement the company's salary regulation system.
  • Level 3: Payroll Supervisor (Work supervision) This position you perform timekeeping management, assessment and comparison of work efficiency and operational productivity of the company.
  • Level 4: C&B Specialist: You will be the person who develops and implements salary and bonus policies, planning and budgeting for the company.
  • Level 5: C&B Management builds a salary, bonus and welfare regime for employees in the company
  • Level 6: Total Rewards Director: Provide strategic planning and long-term vision for the compensation and benefit system in 3-6 years.

Here are the answers What is C&B? and questions about the location C&B specialist. It can be seen that this is an important position with an attractive salary, especially it requires many skills to meet the job requirements.

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