OPES Insurance accompanies HUMAX in digital transformation of assessment processes

Established in 2018, OPES . Insurance Company carries with it the mission of pioneering the application of digital transformation in insurance products. Up to now, the company has successfully affirmed its position with customers with breakthrough experiences and comprehensive solutions. At the same time, it is also a strategic partner of many big brands such as VP Bank, Be Group, ... 

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OPES . staff

Opes puts the trust of customers as a guideline in the direction of business operations. To maintain these core values, enterprises build many capacity evaluation periods with different reward levels. With the desire to motivate employees to actively improve service quality to customers.

Difficulties of businesses before implementing digital transformation

With a multi-departmental structure, OPES must create a separate set of evaluation criteria for each department. However, the insurance industry market is constantly fluctuating. The size of the staff also changes from time to time. It is not possible to use a fixed set of criteria throughout. Therefore, OPES always adjusts these sets of criteria quarterly and annually.

But putting these changes into practice often takes time, effort, and confusion. It is difficult for administrators to keep track of where progress is going. And HCNS employees are reeling in the vortex of how to calculate salary and bonus quickly and accurately. 

Besides, timekeeping and salary calculation are also problems that OPES is very interested in. Especially in the context of the increasingly unpredictable Covid-19 epidemic. Enterprises plan to switch to working from home or 50/50 plan in the near future. And this has raised many questions in the management approach. How to control the correct number of working days? How to calculate accurately without losing time counting working days at the company, working days at home?

As a technology enterprise, OPES understand the optimization that digital transformation can bring. The leadership decided to look for a "debugger" HR software for this complex problem.

After many months of consideration, OPES trusts HUMAX as a companion in digital transformation of governance

Coming to us, OPES wishes to solve the "problems" in the process Human Resource Management, with the biggest problem being management, performance evaluation and automatic timekeeping, salary calculation

Hợp tác trong chuyển đổi số quy trình quản trị OPES - HUMAX
Cooperation in digital transformation of management processes OPES – HUMAX

With the process of evaluating performance, capacity

HUMAX's well-customized, automated process is the highlight of this solution. OPES can flexibly adjust the set of criteria according to the needs and strategies of the Enterprise. Any changes in the formula, even the smallest, are updated in real time into the rating system. HCNS staff does not take time to manually edit. Moreover, the alert function will help employees find abnormal points in time. Avoid large-scale deviations that need to be corrected in the future. 

The results will be presented with a detailed report with a smart Dashboard chart. Provide an overview of the organization for managers. Help them plan effective resource and business strategies. HR themselves also grasp the progress of completing the work or the capacity gap. As a result, they can proactively propose training and increase KPI rewards in the most appropriate way. 

With the problem of timekeeping and salary calculation 

At the same time, the timekeeping feature via Mobile App by sending location, integrating FaceID all decode the above questions of OPES. HUMAX can completely split work shifts flexibly by day, by week. For example, this week the Sales department works at the company. The next week they work from home and then turn around. Both can be installed and the system will automatically apply the appropriate timekeeping forms. 

The administrator or the HR department will not have to review every working day. When all information is listed systematically on HUMAX. In addition, digitizing leave applications will help employees be more proactive and reduce manual data processing.


Not only applying software for better administration, OPES's biggest goal is to reduce the task load so that HCNS can focus on internal care within the organization. Each employee is a "jewel" of the organization. The longer and stronger the bond, the brighter that gem shines. And the overall strength of the business grows stronger. But, OPES will not be able to do that if the date only focuses on input, manual calculation. 

The companion of HUMAX in the digital transformation of human resource management of OPES will certainly create a solid stepping stone for businesses to go further. Especially with its core, dedicated and professional staff.

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