Saigon Eye Hospital accompanies HUMAX in digital transformation in the HR management process

Saigon Eye Hospital

Established in 2004, after 19 years of establishment and development, with 10 Hospitals, 03 Clinics and Ophthalmology Centers spread across 3 regions, the system Saigon Eye Hospital Proud to be the largest Eye Specialist Hospital System in Vietnam. Gathering a team of more than 500 doctors and medical staff with good expertise and experience; together with modern facilities and medical equipment imported directly from the US and Europe and wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly taking care of Vietnamese eyes; Saigon Eye brand has become a trusted choice of Vietnamese families across the country in the examination, treatment, rehabilitation and care of eye health. Up to now, Saigon Eye Hospital System has examined more than 4.5 million customers and successfully operated to bring bright and healthy eyes to more than 705,000 patients. In addition, the hospital is also a place to successfully receive and treat difficult cases from other hospital units.

  • On March 29, 2023 in Singapore, the Saigon Eye Hospital System under the Saigon Medical Group was honored to be the “Specialized Hospital of the Year” throughout Vietnam (Specialty Hospital of the Year – Vietnam) from the Healthcare Asia Awards. This is a prestigious award recognizing the dedication of pioneering Asian medical units in carrying out the mission of protecting public health, continuously proposing many new solutions to improve the quality of treatment and care. .

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Difficulties of Saigon Eye Hospital before implementing digital transformation

Before applying the software to the system, Saigon Eye Hospital faced many challenges and complex problems in the health sector that needed to be solved:

Synchronize personnel data for hospital chains:

The management and synchronization of personnel information between the hospitals in the Ophthalmology chain (10 hospitals) and the chain of clinics and ophthalmology centers (3 clinics) is a big challenge. With nearly 2,000 employees working in this system, spread across 3 regions of the country, it is essential to ensure that data is updated accurately, consistently and securely.

Managing HR data specific to the Health industry:

In the medical environment, managing personnel information, qualifications and expertise is extremely important. In addition to degrees and practice certificates of doctors, medical professionals, there are certificates and papers with a term, requiring specialized blocks that need to be updated and supplemented continuously. This information often requires absolute accuracy to ensure effective recruitment, promotion and training.

The problem of flexible timekeeping in the health sector:

In the medical field, timekeeping is a concern for the Human Resources department. The peculiarity of this industry is that the shifts and crews are complex and not fixed. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff often rotate and support surgeries between hospitals, as well as surgeries and emergencies arising outside of working shifts. Timekeeping must be flexible to ensure that employees on shifts can be fully credited. Timekeeping systems need to understand well about shifts, night shifts, and complex overtime situations.

Special salary problem in hospital:

Payroll systems in a hospital setting are often more complex than in many other industries. The health sector has different human resources, from office administration to specialized health care, manufacturing, etc., along with a variety of salary ranges. Factors such as toxic allowances, professional allowances and specific bonuses for doctors and medical staff should be calculated accurately and transparently.

Integrate with specific systems of the Health sector:

The healthcare industry involves many complex systems such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS) or payroll management software ABR, ABI. Integrating this system with HR management software requires compatibility and the ability to effectively share data.

Solving these problems and challenges in the healthcare industry requires flexibility and precision from software, to support better management, improve staff performance, and ensure hospital operations run smoothly. The most effective way.

Cooperation in digital transformation of management processes MSG – HUMAX

Bệnh viện Mắt Sài Gòn đồng hành cùng HUMAX chuyển đổi số trong quy trình quản trị Nhân sự.
Saigon Eye Hospital accompanies HUMAX in digital transformation in the HR management process.

After more than 9 months of cooperation, Humax has come up with a series of smart and effective solutions to solve complex problems in the healthcare industry of MSG:

Centralize administrative data and policies:

Humax has created a centralized system for managing administrative data at the corporate level. This makes it easy to set up and apply HR policies from the group down to the hospital blocks and member legal entities. This process helps to ensure consistency and consistent compliance in HR management.

Automate timekeeping and payroll:

Humax has implemented automation of time attendance for the entire system of 13 hospitals. This helps ensure accuracy and transparency in employee payroll, including complex shifts.

The difficulties in MSG's unique salary problem have also been thoroughly solved by Humax, by automating the payroll process for more than 2,000 employees. Humax's system allows building a library of salary formulas for grades at the hospital. The salary calculation system will be directly linked to the payroll, the evaluation results of each HR position in the hospital. This ensures accuracy and speed in payroll processing, and at the same time minimizes errors that manual HR processes bring, reducing pressure on the HR department. 

Special HR data management:

By creating a central personnel data management system, Humax helps Saigon Eye Hospital manage details of Personnel records, labor contracts, degrees, expertise and certificates of the medical system and doctors. doctor. Provide timely alerts if documents, certificates are about to expire or need to be replenished. This makes recruitment, promotion and training more efficient, as well as easier in information management and human resource capture.

Connecting to a specific application system:

Humax has succeeded in connecting with the system of specific applications of Saigon Eye Hospital. As an important link, Humax's system has made an important contribution to the management, exploitation and development of human resource data of the entire corporation.

Thanks to these unique solutions and intelligent integration, Humax has brought efficiency and convenience in human resource management, helping MSG operate more efficiently and professionally.


Not only applying software for better administration, the biggest goal of Saigon Eye Hospital is to reduce the task load so that HCNS can focus on internal care within the organization. Each employee is a "jewel" of the organization. The longer and stronger the bond, the brighter that gem shines. And the overall strength of the business grows stronger. Saigon Eye Hospital will not be able to do that if it only focuses on manually managing information and personnel data, with high risk and error pressure.

The companion of HUMAX in digital transformation of human resource management of Saigon Eye Hospital will certainly create a solid stepping stone for the business to go further. Especially with its core, dedicated and professional staff.

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