Woori Bank x HUMAX: Human resources problem of foreign banks in Vietnam

Woori Bank (Woori Bank) Vietnam

Woori Bank first appeared in Vietnam in 1997, until 2017, when it established an official legal entity called Woori Bank Vietnam Limited (Woori Bank Vietnam), headquartered in Hanoi. After many years of development and constantly improving the quality of products and services, Woori Bank Vietnam is currently one of the best foreign banks in Vietnam.

Woori Bank Việt Nam hợp tác số hóa quản trị Nhân sự cùng HUMAX
Woori Bank Vietnam

In 2020, Woori Bank Vietnam was approved to increase its total charter capital to VND 7,700 billion and become the Bank with the largest charter capital in the system of foreign banks in Vietnam. In order to bring superior financial solutions to users, Woori Bank Vietnam provides a diverse and flexible product range, effectively meeting the needs of capital, accumulation, and financial management of all customers. personal and business customers. As a foreign bank operating in Vietnam, we are always persistent in learning and innovating to understand customers, optimize products, perfect services, to become a trusted financial partner of every person. and Vietnamese businesses.

Human Resources problem at Woori Bank before cooperating with HUMAX

Currently, Woori Bank Vietnam has a total of more than 20 branches and transaction points spread across the country, with a team of up to 15,000 employees. 

Before cooperating with Humax, Woori Bank used the Korean Human Resources Management Software System, however this system did not meet the problems in Human Resource Management at Woori Bank. Especially advanced features on human resource development. With the nature of a foreign bank operating in Vietnam, Woori Bank faces many difficult barriers in management: 

  • Many operations related to foreign worker management: taxes, special benefits, etc. must be handled outside the system.
  • Haven't provided utilities and applications to help employees experience Online HR services. A lack of HR-specific apps and widgets can detract from their experience and create more work for managers.
  • Records management still faces many difficulties, especially with a large amount of information records, many operations have not yet been completely digitized. Causing difficulties in the management process, potential risk of information loss, errors in Human Resources work, and increased risks related to data security. 
  • Remote human resource management: the problem at Woori is how to effectively manage branches across the country, while still optimizing costs and personnel performance. 

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Humax helps come up with solutions to solve management problems at Woori Bank

Woori Bank x HUMAX: Bài toán nhân sự của Ngân hàng nước ngoài tại Việt Nam
Woori Bank x HUMAX: Human resources problem of foreign banks in Vietnam

Providing management solutions throughout the human resource lifecycle

To ensure the employee's working process goes smoothly, from onboarding to offboarding, HUMAX has supported Woori Bank in building a comprehensive management system. This includes creating automated processes to facilitate information input, handling issues related to human resources information, compensation, insurance, taxes, and regulations related to human resources. employment and rest, evaluation process, personnel training,...

Provide tools for analyzing human resource data

HUMAX provides a reporting system that analyzes human resource data, easily monitoring and evaluating the performance and efficiency of human resource processes. Based on the reporting system, Woori Bank can analyze data in many dimensions, from the number of employees, the ratio between foreigners and Vietnamese, to performance evaluation, the risk of job separation, and the level of employee satisfaction... From there, quick and timely adjustments can be made to prevent resource loss. 

The system is set up flexibly, handling the problem of managing foreign workers

HUMAX easily handles remaining difficulties in the management process of foreign personnel working in Vietnam. Legal procedures, labor records, taxes, special benefits... are all resolved easily and quickly. 

Comprehensive self-service HR service

 HUMAX's HR Portal and Mobile App provide employee self-service that can help enhance their experience. These tools can allow employees to change their personal information, track work and salary history, and request time off or other HR services with ease and convenience.


With a spirit of dedication and professionalism, OOS Software's implementation team has built a comprehensive database of organizational structure, job positions, personnel information and provided solutions to difficult problems at Woori Bank. The successful implementation of Humax Human Resources software promises to help Woori Bank effectively solve challenges in human resource management, while systematizing related management processes in a centralized, effective and efficient manner. modern. Human resource processes and job positions will be managed automatically, closely and transparently, avoiding errors in traditional management processes.

Woori Bank highly appreciates the efforts and achievements that the project teams from both companies brought during the recent period of study and cooperation. Confidence in the project's success has helped motivate both sides to continuously develop and expand the solution in the future.

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