Doji Group - Together with Humax, build a core team in the development strategy - international integration.

Belonging to the top 5 largest private enterprises in Vietnam, Doji Group has successfully affirmed its brand position for more than a decade in the market. Widely known as a supplier of high-end gemstones, Doji is also a successful real estate, banking and financial services investor. 

Human Resource Management in the era of integration at Doji Group

Setting a vision to reach out to the international market, Doji's leadership understands that the organization needs to be ready for a strong integration and development mentality. In particular, the human resource foundation is a decisive factor on the way to conquer the group's ambitious goals. How to build and maintain a core, quality workforce? How to optimize human resource management in the digital age? How can the corporation have a solid human resource? 

Understanding the core problem above, Doji Group spends a lot of time researching human resource management solutions at home and abroad. Accordingly, the corporation decided to trust Humax Human Resource Management Software Solution from OOS Software. The leadership and HR department at Doji are particularly impressed with Humax's software quality and extensive experience in deploying for multi-industry corporations. In addition, the extremely new approach to HRM and the fast and efficient deployment orientation from OOS Software are the keys to help Doji Group optimize management during the development - integration phase.  

Doji Group
On June 6, 2022, Doji Group and OOS Software officially kicked-off the Humax project

How does Humax Human Resource Management Software support Doji? 

With a scale of 3000 employees, 13P/L spanning many fields, management problems at Doji focus mainly on C&B automation and optimization of assessment - training - resource development. However, member companies have different operating policies and regulations. Therefore, the corporation is looking for a software that is flexible enough to meet the specific problems of each industry 

In particular, Humax allows Doji to establish C&B policies and formulas depending on each member company. For example, the production team will encounter problems with performance wages, unit prices, and complex work shifts. While the retail team has high requirements on the problem of commissions, the shift is flexible and transfers between branches. In contrast, the Real Estate department often works out of the office. Therefore, they need separate public management and payroll policies. 

In addition, Doji Group pays special attention to the problem of talent management while developing resources. The Group uses the KPI model to evaluate the performance of all employees. The measurement results will be automatically converted by Humax to the appropriate salary and bonus, saving calculation time for HR. In addition, the capacity assessment feature of Humax will support administrators to make the right decisions about human resource strategy. Through the evaluation, the software makes recommendations on the promotion path, the next position and the appropriate additional training course. From that information, make forecasts on personnel manning and personnel cost management. Employees themselves also understand the weaknesses, strengths as well as the development picture in their organization. 


Humax Human Resource Management Software is not just an automation tool for Doji. With a strong growth orientation leading the region and reaching out to the international market, Humax will be the foundation to help Doji optimize its human resources strategy and support leaders in making decisions. Building on the principle of Position Management, Humax is a modern Vietnamese HRM solution for complex specific problems of Vietnamese workers. Therefore, this is a platform that is completely consistent with the nature and goals of Doji Group as well as many leading corporations such as T&T, TTC, SHB, Kangaroo, etc.

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