Kangaroo Group – Nearly a decade of choosing OOS Software

Kangaroo is a household brand that is familiar to millions of Vietnamese families. With the vision of becoming a leading home appliance group, Kangaroo has grown tremendously over the past 19 years with 40,000 business points, 11 branches - domestic and foreign factories and 2 R&D institutes. Before the large scale, Kangaroo leadership focused on applying technology in governance from a very early age. Accordingly, enterprises have chosen Humax Human Resource Management Software since 2013 and decided to invest in upgrading the Humax system in 2022. 

Continue to choose Humax on the path of Digital Transformation

In nearly a decade of putting Humax into practice, Kangaroo successfully optimizes C&B and HR records management. Not only reducing the manual workload of the HR/Accounting team, but also increasing the accuracy and satisfaction of employees in the payroll process. However, on the path of sustainable development, international integration and digital transformation, automation is no longer a key problem in corporate human resource management.

Kangaroo leadership understands the importance of developing resources to raise competitiveness and retain talent. Besides, building a career path or succession team. In response to the above questions, Kangaroo decided to expand the existing Humax solution with new features towards the comprehensive development of the corporation.

After 9 years of accompanying OOS Software, Kangaroo continues to believe in the quality of products, services and HRM consulting of the OOS team. At the same time, the management highly appreciated the new improvements in the management capabilities of Humax. Especially in that is the Position Management principle that OOS is applying in building the core of Humax software. This is an important premise for Kangaroo's decision to cooperate with OOS in the future. On May 25, representatives of the two companies officially kicked-off the project of upgrading Humax Human Resource Management software.  

The launching ceremony of the project of Human Resource Management Software Humax – Kangaroo

How does Humax Human Resource Management Software support Kangaroo?

In phase 1 of the project, OOS Software focused on transferring data from the old system - operating on the Winform platform - to the new system on the Webform platform. On this new platform, data is always updated in real time and employees have their own portal during the use of the software. Therefore, there is no need for complicated installation steps like before. 

In the next stages, Humax Human Resource Management software will be upgraded and expanded with many new management modules, not only at C&B or Human Resource Management.

With the capacity management system, Humax supports multi-dimensional assessment of an employee's capacity through grading stratification. From the above results, Humax will measure the response between the actual capacity and the capacity required by the position. At the same time, make forecasts about the promotion route, next position and additional training courses. These are the outstanding differences of Humax Human Resource Management Software. 

Human Resource Management software to build a promotion route

With the recruitment system, Humax will build an internal CV Pools repository for Kangaroo, collected from many sources of recruitment websites. Not only automatic screening or support for direct interview scoring, blacklist features and budget reporting - conversion rate for each recruitment period are the optimal tools for managers and HR. 

Besides, the decision-making process of managers and Kangaroo leaders also becomes easier with the Human Resource Cost Management system - Cost Center. Humax software will be based on human resource allocation to forecast the appropriate budget for each division or group branch. In the Data-driven era, metrics are the most intuitive tool for assessing the internal health of a business. Therefore, Cost Center or flexible Dashboard system are all outstanding features in the improved Humax platform. 


OOS Software's loyal companionship with Kangaroo during the past 9 years is the pride of our team. This is an affirmation of the quality and mission of providing Human Resource Management software of OOS, as well as the great trust that Kangaroo gives us. 

Facing the trend of Digital Transformation, technology will not only be a tool to simplify daily HRM work, but also a foundation to accompany the development of people and Kangaroo Corporation. Continuing to choose Humax, Kangaroo believes in a smart, modern, well-customizable software in the face of rapid changes in the corporation and the economy.

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