[HCM/HN] Project Manager recruitment: Hard salary 15 – 30M

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OOS Software Joint Stock Company (OOS Software) is a unit with more than 15 years of software development experience and more than 10 years of implementing Human Resource Management Software for leading enterprises in Vietnam: SHB, VRB, NCB, Kangaroo, Hai Phat Land, Gami Group, TH True Milk, Lotte Finance, Ecopark, Thu Cuc, Traphaco... We are always looking for Project Managers to jointly implement projects with many large customers.

With the strategic orientation of developing in-depth human resource management software, OOS Software pays great attention to the human factor. Recruiting personnel who are suitable for the culture, with a good level of remuneration to keep the staff, continuously train and focus on developing internal personnel, build a professional working culture, engage employees and focus on work efficiency.

As Project Manager at OOS, you will:

  • Manage and take the highest responsibility for the plan, process, scope of work, quality of work, personnel involved in the project, risks and documents related to the project.
  • Support the members of the Project Board to complete the work.
  • Representing the Company to work with the Client on the Project's work to ensure that the Project is successfully and effectively implemented.
  • Acceptance of Project works with Customers.
  • Make suggestions to develop products, improve the quality of the Company's implementation.
  • Provide plans to avoid risks, handle arising during the implementation of the Project, if any.

We look for Project Manager:

  • Have knowledge & experience in project management (HRM, DMS, CRM, ERP…)
  • Able to work under pressure and manage project resources well.
  • Ability to plan, present plans and manage project plans.
  • Skilled in project management, customer relationship management, communication and teamwork.
  • Positive thinking and problem-solving orientation.
  • Experience in using Project Management tools and software.

Benefits of Project Manager at OOS: 

  • High income level, in addition to salary, there will be Project bonus, hot bonus according to work results.
  • Have the opportunity to work with large organizations, learn how to manage human resources from leading enterprises in the industry.
  • Full of policies and regimes such as: health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance, leave... in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code and the Company.
  • Mode of travel, vacation, Holiday, Tet ...
  • Many teambuilding activities, personnel engagement and internal culture building.
  • Working in a technology environment, good corporate culture, always creating development conditions for young and capable people.
  • Salary: Hard salary 15 million – Up to 30 million + Project bonus.
  • Working location: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Submit your CV at: 

Email: Tuyendung@oos.com.vn
☎Hotline: 098.665.8270
Hanoi: 2nd floor, East tower, National Defense Academy CC office, Xuan La ward, Tay Ho, Hanoi
HCM: No. 64, Street 8, KDC CityLand Park Hills, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City

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