HUMAX succeeds with a series of commercial problems at M2


M2 is a pioneering fashion business unit following the supermarket model, with the mission of becoming a prestigious supply chain with top quality in Vietnam. The products of M2 are always updated with new trends, the product quality is certified for garment conformity. With the trust and support of customers, M2 is committed to constantly growing in size and quality, always bringing diverse fashion products, affordable prices and the best service to serve the needs of customers. shopping needs of a large number of customers.

With M2, the “people” factor is the most important in all activities. People are not only customers and partners but also the employees working at M2:
- Integrity
- Responsibility
- Constantly changing
- Develop together

M2 has a chain of fashion stores and a large human resource, so it is very difficult to manage personnel, especially in the time and salary calculation stage. Because employees work not fixed, nregular pleasure transferRotate shifts, change shifts between stores or work outside. How to control without subtle questioning? Above all, because M2 belongs to the field of Commerce - retail chain, there are many specific problems in the salary and bonus mechanism: Regulation salary, bonus, penalty varies by location, store, and problem OT salary, part-time, KPI salary complex.

Understanding that, M2's Management believes that digital transformation and looking for a unit with extensive experience in Overall Human Resource Management is the solution in the current period and OOS Software's Humax with more than 15 years in the industry, having handled many problems Payroll for chain businesses is the correct choice.


Applying Humax software, M2 has solved its problems with differences such as:

  • Helps save costs and time: by quickly and completely, the approval forms are transferred from paper to software.
  • Minimizing loss: due to the timekeeping from excel to the software to ensure the accuracy of salary for employees, before that timekeeping using excel may be confused.
  • Simplify the timekeeping and payroll process for all employees

With just a few simple steps, assigning shifts to employees becomes simpler than ever.

  • Flexibly set up shifts for each facility with locatetime in, time out, break time, time frame for tardy allowed. 
  • Timekeeping GPS, FaceID convenient for store employees. Data is automatically transferred to the common platform, HR does not take time to arrange, inventory and minimize labor errors.
  • Manage shift assignment, shift change and shift lock when needed. No need for paper notes or oral announcements.
  • Allow employees to self-register shifts right on the system
  • Giao diện bảng tổng hợp công từ máy chấm công của CoffeeHR

Calculate salary accurately, save time with CoffeeHR

  • Flexible salary formula according to business changes
  • Solve many specific salary problems: part-time salary, OT . salary by night, day or weekday, holiday, KPI salary, salary 3P
  • bảng lương


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