Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company and the successful digital transformation story with HUMAX


After more than a decade of construction and development, with the "heart" towards the patient, the word "Germany" in business activities, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical has become a prestigious oriental medicine brand and a familiar name. in the medicine cabinet of every Vietnamese family. Tam Binh belongs to the Top 5 prestigious Vietnamese traditional pharmaceutical companies, with a chain of stores and factories across the country.  

With its mission in all the words Tam, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical has made constant efforts in the process of product development, drastically innovating technology to optimize the operation and production apparatus. In particular, digitization of human resource management is the key strategy that the entire Board of Directors of Tam Binh Pharmaceuticals has chosen and highly focused on.

With a LARGE staff size and a tendency to increase rapidly in the next 1-2 years, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical realizes the important role of applying digital technology in human resource management. If implemented well, this will help Tam Binh Pharmaceuticals cut most of the administrative work and improve the quality and efficiency of administration and operations.

At the time before using Humax, the picture of human resource management of enterprises still needs to be improved and fostered. For example, the timekeeping and salary calculation is still not synchronized with the complex C&B problem and it is not possible to assess the personnel situation through the working process at the company. This situation occurs frequently, leading to a significant waste of time, human resources, dispersion in personnel records management and prolonging the processing progress of related procedures.

That is the reason and also a great motivation for the Board of Directors of Tam Binh Pharmaceuticals to be determined to apply digital technology to improve the shortcomings in human resource management, and at the same time, optimize the effectiveness of activities related to human resource management. to comprehensive digital transformation for businesses.


Realizing that Humax is a human resource management solution that aggregates, supports digitization and automatically aggregates work - payroll and evaluates company personnel, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical's leadership has unanimously selected and deployed. spread this platform across the entire system. With this technology solution, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical can comprehensively manage human resources, free up redundant and manual tasks, and create a whole new working experience for all employees, especially employees. HCNS room.

With many years of cooperation and development, on the occasion of OOS's 16th birthday, Tam Binh sent wishes to OOS and the cooperation of the two sides.

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