K&G Vietnam – Choose Humax Human Resource Management Solution to go faster in the era of Digital Transformation 4.0

Established in the context that the world economy as well as Vietnam is in serious crisis, K&G Vietnam has started and emerged as a dynamic, creative and professional new business model. With the determination to break through in difficult times, K&G Vietnam is creating outstanding values marking a sustainable development step and gradually becoming a leading company in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and distributing consumer goods. use.

K&G - Lựa chọn giải pháp quản trị nhân sự Humax

The key to the success of K&G Vietnam is to build trust with customers by the quality of products and services. K&G Vietnam strives to become a sustainable development enterprise, actively contributing to the construction of a strong Vietnamese society, integrated with the world. For effective implementation, the Group understands that human resource development in parallel with corporate culture is a prerequisite.  Especially in the digital transformation period, applying technology in management not only helps streamline operations but also maximizes potential resources. Accordingly, K&G Vietnam embarked on a search for a Human Resource Management software to support the management of thousands of employees. 

On August 12, K&G Vietnam and OOS Software had a successful kick-off day of the Humax project at K&G's office. During the kick-off holiday, the project management set a goal to deploy Humax Human Resource Management Software quickly and efficiently. This shows the determination and enthusiasm for the transformation period in human resource management of the company  K&G Vietnam.

Human Resource Management Software Humax accompanies K&G Vietnam

Humax software is built based on Location Management. This is the principle used by many foreign HRM software. Its advantage is that it helps the organization to plan personnel by manipulative easily. Any personnel change will not affect other positions.  

Humax allows businesses to personalize training plans. Personnel themselves can propose content or actively register according to their wishes. As a result, the training content is focused on the right audience. Furthermore, administrators can set up multiform post-training tests. Ensure training brings real value to the organization's work. Organizing regular and appropriate training will give employees the opportunity to develop their own capabilities. In addition, Humax's KPI evaluation system is flexibly set up based on the criteria of K&G Vietnam. Enterprises can edit according to organizational changes. Even the smallest changes show immediate results. Management does not need manual operation. Leaders monitor anytime, anywhere. Employees self-suggest criteria, self-evaluate. A visual result will make the process fairer, motivating employees to try harder.


With experience in deploying for many large corporations, OOS Software is confident in building and deploying Human Resource Management Software for K&G Vietnam. Entering the digital age, it is necessary to change to go quickly and sustainably. Applying technology not only helps K&G Vietnam simplify manual HR tasks, but also optimizes personnel's capacity. 

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