Mega Lifesciences Vietnam UPGRADE Humax Human Resource Management Software Solution

1.About Mega Lifesciences Vietnam

The pharmaceutical and health care products market is an extremely large market, especially in the current period of globalization, it is more diverse than ever. This requires all businesses to be more and more flexible in their operations. Grasping those trends, limited liability company Mega Lifescience (Mega Wecare) emerged as a leading and highly respected company worldwide.

In Vietnam, Mega Lifesciences took the name of its headquarters as Mega Wecare and started its presence in 1995, since then the company has continuously expanded on its network of operations and throughout the market, thereby bringing to consumers. use quality products to meet the increasing demands of consumers and professionals alike.

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Mega Lifesciences has always operated on transparency, which exists in both actions and decisions. At the company, the salary and bonus structure for employees is always shown transparently and on par with the industry. To encourage employees in the company to perform well, Mega always has a clear incentive regime. Because of that, Mega Lifesciences has trusted Humax - Total Human Resource Management Software to bring the best HR experience to employees.

2. Humax accompanies Mega Lifesciences Vietnam on the journey of digital transformation of Human Resource Management

Continuing to accompany Mega Lifesciences Vietnam for a long time by deploying the upgrade of Humax Human Resource Management Software phase 2. Supporting Mega Lifesciences Vietnam with specific human resource management problems in the field of Pharmaceutical distribution, to Since then, it has become one of the successful case studies in the implementation of Human Resource Management software in this field!
With OOS, we are always ready to accompany, bring the total Human Resource Management Software, support your company to make a successful transition on the path of development, contact Humax today to receive Direct consultation and DEMO:
Humax Total HR Software Solution from OOS Software
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