What is Onboarding? Why is the onboarding process important for new employees?

Recruiting and finding the right talent for the position that the business is in need of has been difficult. But everything is still uncertain, if the Onboarding stage of preparing and welcoming new employees does not create initial sympathy, then all will be meaningless, your business may completely lose potential employees. your opponent's hand. Therefore, Onboarding is a key stage in the recruitment process.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding – introducing new employees is not just an activity, it is a whole series of events and tasks performed to turn a selected candidate into an integrated member of your organization. .

Employee referrals begin when a candidate accepts a job offer and also during the time when formal new employee training tasks take place which can be for a few days or a week. Referrals only end when the new hire is fully integrated and working at their best – possibly months or even a year after their first date.

Why is onboarding important?

– Onboarding makes allocating and providing resources to new employees fully and proactively, making them have a better experience

– Onboarding also helps everyone involved in the business to know and easily communicate and get acquainted with new members, this is done in two directions, making it quick and easy to get acquainted and grasp the job. Easier, less time consuming.

– Relieve stress for new employees: Encouraging and introducing new employees to everyone in the company will help reduce pressure for new employees to feel light, and push back feelings of pressure and anxiety. This is the starting point for better integration later.

– Job orientation for employees from the very beginning: Each employee is recruited with a corresponding position and task, the process of training and integrating new employees helps new employees quickly grasp and understand understand the mission, position and what you can contribute to the business. From there orient their work and development in the future.

– Bringing benefits to the business by developing expectations, improving employee productivity: In addition to job orientation, the training process also helps employees to actively equip and supplement themselves with new skills. Professional skills required for the position. Because only when employees have motivation and positive attitude at work, will the performance and quality of work increase and bring optimal efficiency for the implementation of common goals.

– Save time and effort for managers and costs for businesses: Effective training right from the beginning helps to reduce the burden and effectively save time for the instructor, shortening time and work. Instead, just focus on reinforcing and supplementing the necessary concepts and skills to help employees quickly catch up with the work progress, bringing effective work results. requested work.

If the employee is not welcomed in the new environment, does not understand and complete the assigned tasks, it is inevitable that the employee will leave the enterprise after a short time, and all the recruitment efforts , training of the enterprise will become meaningless. Therefore, building an effective new employee training process is an important thing that every business needs to focus on.

Introducing a new employee will be a great experience for newcomers if less paperwork and more hands-on activities. Welcome and meaningful introductions make the first days of new employees memorable, making them quickly connect with the organization. Instead of spending hours on procedures and tasks such as greeting and introducing each department, integration training activities, interacting with colleagues, etc., by all processes of introducing and receiving employees will be automated.

HR software helps you retain good employees by making great referrals. Eliminate paperwork and time-wasting so employees can join and contribute to the Organization immediately.

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