OOS Software was selected by Homefarm Brand to implement the rapid development strategy of 300 stores

On July 3, 2021, at Homefarm office, the signing ceremony of the contract to deploy OOS Software was officially held. between Homefarm Leaders and OOS Software Leaders with the full range of the most advanced human resource management modules today.

The quality of life is increasingly improved, instead of "eating well and wearing warm", people gradually move towards higher values that are "eat well and dress well". Pioneering enterprises in the field of providing high quality products with clear origin and strictly preserved are gradually asserting their value and position in the market.

On July 9, Homefarm officially reached 150 stores in the context of the complicated development of the Covid epidemic. This is considered an important success milestone as a premise for hot development in the following years. As a large retailer in the fresh food industry with nearly 1,000 scattered employees, Homefarm is facing many difficulties with the human resource operation problem:

1. Fast growth rate, large personnel change, average from 30% - 50% in 01 year.
2. The fierce competition in recruitment, the cost of recruiting and training new personnel is a big expense of the Enterprise.
3. The transfer of personnel between stores in the system happens regularly according to the characteristics of the F&B industry in order to optimize operational efficiency.
4. Require management of human resources costs by each sales location (Cost center) to have a basis for making decisions on opening new, shutting down or promoting Sales & Marketing.

After more than 5 months of searching and comparing suppliers on the market, Homefarm decided to use OOS Software's human resource management software to solve the current human resource problems, as well as implement it. strategic goals for the next 3 years, taking human factors and management capacity as competitive strength in the market. Some key solutions will be focused on implementing by the project committees of the two sides:
o Automating and parameterizing all processes in human resource management from recruitment, onboarding, labor processes, timekeeping activities, salary calculation, insurance and tax management... HR department no longer has to do manual work, spends a lot of time advising the Leader on welfare regimes, training and developing resources and improving the quality of the Company's working environment.
o Building a management reporting system Dashboards, combining financial indicators and human resources indicators to support the expansion, replication and operation management in new open locations more effectively.
o Planning personnel costs for each point of sale (Cost center), supporting managers to make strategic business decisions for each sales location.
o Completing the Master Data of personnel, all personnel information will be updated, managed and exploited centrally according to information security standards and API integration with ERP system.

The trust from the Homefarm Board of Directors is a great motivation for OOS Software. We are committed to devoting the best resources to the project, implementing the agreed plan by the two sides, becoming a reliable and long-term partner of Homefarm.

Congratulations to OOS Software on having another big customer in the retail industry. Wish the project between the two units good success.

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