PICO officially selected OOS Software's OOS.GHR human resource management software solution

On October 4, 2012, at the headquarters of Pico Joint Stock Company No. 229 Tay Son, Nga Tu So, Hanoi, a contract signing ceremony took place on: “Provide management software solutions. personnel OOS.GHR” between Pico Joint Stock Company (Pico) and OOS Software Joint Stock Company (OOS Software).

According to the scope of the contract, OOS Software will proceed to deploy the OOS.GHR Solution throughout the system Pico including the Company's Head Office, branches, all Supermarkets and Customer Care Centers across the country, with a full range of Human Resource Management Modules: Modules of Personnel Information Management, Attendance Management, Payroll Management, Insurance and Policy Management, Recruitment Management, Training Management, KPI Management and Equipment Management bag. The OOS.GHR solution will focus on solving 4 typical HR problems at Pico:

  • Easily manage and exploit human resource information (OOS.GHR does not limit the number of Human Resource Administration reports).
  • Minimize effort in time attendance management
  • Calculate salary and bonus for employees monthly (OOS.GHR allows users to set up and edit fully flexible salary and bonus formulas themselves).
  •  Recruiting and Training personnel in large numbers, meeting the business development needs of Pico
  • Evaluate human resources according to KPI, support human resource planning and development.

It is expected that on October 9, 2012, the two companies will hold the Project Kick-off Ceremony with the full participation of the Board of Directors, the Project Board and relevant departments of the two sides.

Pico is one of the large enterprises of the country in the retail distribution industry, in recent years the company has continuously has won many awards granted by the state and voted by consumers such as: Vietnam Pride Cup, Vietnam Glory Cup 2009, 2010, especially the Golden Brand Award, thereby affirming that pioneering position and strong development, in the right direction of Pico.  

Currently, Pico has more than 1000 employees Young, dynamic and creative, with professional service style, perfect service and active cooperation from many large corporations… are solid foundation for our business. Pico Customer service is getting better day by day. To manage employees effectively and motivate employees to work, the company decided to use Human Resource Management Software. This is a strategic project with a large investment in finance and human resources Pico.

Human resource management software OOS.GHR focuses on the totality of human resource management, providing tools to solve actual requirements and closely linked with business development strategy. In particular, OOS.GHR has a special version for Distribution - Retail units focusing on thoroughly solving the following problems: Work - Flexible salary, Recruitment - Regular training, Flexible reporting system timely…Since 2010, the company has planned to make OOS.GHR Human Resource Management Software one of the strategic products with serious investment in Research and Solution development.

Final, OOS Software Thank you to customers who have accompanied OOS.GHR Human Resource Management Software in the past time. We will make more efforts to bring customers the best products and services.

For more information about OOS.GHR Human Resource Management software, please contact phone number: 0973.060.459 (meet Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuc) or visit Website: www.phanmemnhansu.com

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