SHB x HUMAX Bank: Optimize Human Resources performance with management software

On the afternoon of October 19, OOS Software and SHB successfully launched the HUMAX software upgrade project to evaluate KPIs performance at SHB Bank. 

SHB is a friend and trusted partner of OOS Software through more than 10 years of cooperation and development, on the journey of digitizing human resource management and optimizing the human resources apparatus at Saigon - Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank. . 

Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB)

Saigon-Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) established under Decision No. 214/QD-NH5 dated November 13, 1993; After 25 years of construction and development, SHB is currently one of the 5 largest Joint Stock Commercial Banks in Vietnam, Top 10 most prestigious Commercial Banks in Vietnam, Top 500 Strongest Banks in Asia...

As of December 31, 2017, SHB had total assets of VND 277,993 billion. The current charter capital is more than 12,036 billion VND. With nearly 7,000 employees and a network of nearly 500 transaction points in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, SHB is serving nearly 4 million individual and corporate customers.

With the operating principle of "Reliable partner, suitable solution", SHB's strategy is to become the leading modern multi-functional retail bank in Vietnam, gradually moving towards the goal of becoming a strong financial group according to international standards by 2020.



Ngân hàng SHB
SHB Bank

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Launching the HUMAX KPIs KPIs Performance Evaluation software upgrade project at SHB Bank

Before that, SHB and OOS had more than 9 years of companionship and development. HUMAX has helped SHB bank solve major human resource problems: Organizational data, human resource data, automation of timekeeping - salary calculation, management reporting system, ... 

With more than 7,500 employees across the banking system across the country, the problem of training and evaluating Human Resources at SHB is always a concern of the banking system. Realizing the importance of applying technology to the Human Resources training and evaluation process, OOS Software and SHB joined hands to research and find solutions, upgrading HUMAX software and KPIs human resource evaluation operations. 

Khởi động dự án Nâng cấp phần mềm Đánh giá hiệu quả công việc KPIs tại Ngân hàng SHB
Launching the project of upgrading software to evaluate KPIs performance at SHB Bank

High Flexibility and Customization

The personnel evaluation system is designed to be flexible, able to adapt to frequent changes in evaluation criteria. This ensures that the system can be easily updated and adjusted when there are new requirements from SHB administrators. 

Diverse Evaluation Audience

The system supports the assessment of diverse subjects such as employees, managers, new employees, and specific job groups. This requires the ability to identify and apply appropriate evaluation criteria for each entity within the organization. 

Flexibility in Evaluation Process

The system allows setting up flexible evaluation processes depending on each subject. This may include assessment steps, assessment time, and participants in the assessment process.

Automate the Review and Approval Process

 HUMAX human resources management system has the ability to automate the evaluation process, including sending notifications, collecting evaluation data, and generating automatic reports. In addition, HUMAX has the feature to automatically approve evaluation results, helping to save time and maximize efficiency.

Building a Personnel Evaluation Reporting System

The system is capable of developing personnel assessment reports at the request of SHB leaders. This report should provide detailed information on personnel performance, capacity, and other metrics evaluated, helping SHB management make informed and timely decisions.

Connect to Competency and Training Data   

The system connects to data about employee capabilities and training, helping to build a career development roadmap for each employee, while also supporting the management of SHB's succession team and talent development.

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The HUMAX Human Resources Management digital transformation project at SHB is considered a strong and correct step for Saigon - Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank. For SHB, HUMAX is not simply Human Resources Management software, but also a tool to support SHB's continuous transformation and development, and maintain its position in the top 100 Most Valuable Brands in Vietnam in 2023. With OOS, SHB is not only an important strategic partner, but also a companion who has always walked side by side on the journey of 9+ years of development. 

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