Effective candidate management, should only use Excel?

If you are a recruiter, you must always have a headache when you don't know Manage candidate profiles to be effective. Candidate profiles are considered as valuable assets of enterprises in the battle to find talent. Especially when there is a shortage of candidates right now. However, there are still many businesses that use quite traditional methods. That is Manage candidate profiles in excel for convenience and popularity. But is this an effective method of management?

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Manage candidate profiles effectively

How to manage candidate records using Excel

Currently, Excel is still the most popular and simple tool for recruiters. Because the software does not depend on the developer, users can manually set the fields according to their needs when working. However, Excel has many disadvantages that are difficult to overcome compared to a professional recruitment software.

Process slow and elusive data comprehensively

When using Excel to manage human resources, the data will be fragmented in many different places such as: personnel list management file, employee leave tracking file, contract management file, salary management, etc. … Besides, the data on the Excel file will quickly become outdated due to the inability to automatically update over time. This leads to wasted time and effort to process information.

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Staff tired of records

Easy to cause errors by human manipulation

Operations such as data entry, review, and editing in Excel are all done quite manually. Employers have to invest a small amount of time to enter data. Mistakes are inevitable. Especially in case there are too many people editing the same excel file.

Poor security

Excel files do not have high security capabilities like other management software. Therefore, it is very easy to lose data. The candidate's data will contain a lot of important personal information such as photos, identification / identity, tax code, salary, .. Therefore, if the information is leaked to the outside, it will have an impact. negatively affect the individual candidate and the company's activities. Conversely, if multiple people are using the same online form. If someone clicks the wrong action, it can corrupt all the data on the Excel file. So it's very difficult to control.

Unable to scale as the company grows in size

When a business grows bigger and bigger, the number of employees increases, the database of human resources will become huge. In other words, as the business expands, managing employee records using excel will not be possible. This will be extremely difficult for users and management.

Method of managing candidate records by Human Resource Management Software

Inadequacies in using Excel have encouraged many businesses to change their methods Manage candidate profiles. In which, applying digital conversion is the most selected. Perhaps because of the efficiency and uniformity that comes from the "store" of common records and comes with other utilities of human resource management.


Centrally manage and unify candidate profile data.

With CoffeeHR, all information about candidates is stored on the enterprise's own "data warehouse" system. Information from recruitment rounds will no longer be scattered in each Excel folder as before, but gathered in a single platform. Employers will easily look up and create Talent Pool for businesses. Thereby making the most of potential candidates, quality CVs for present and future.

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Manage candidate profiles using Humax . classification

Automation makes storing and managing candidate profiles easy.

In addition, Humax integrates with many major recruitment websites such as Vietnamworks, TopCV, Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, etc. When candidates apply for jobs through these sources, their information and CVs will automatically be transferred to the data center and analyzed. classified according to the table of recruitment criteria. The Human Resources Department no longer wastes time and effort entering each information into Excel. From there, focus more on selecting the most suitable talent. At the same time avoid many errors of previous manual operations.

High security of candidate records

With Excel, it is possible to lose or send data to the outside. In contrast, with Humax, the level of security is enhanced because all data and reports are stored in the system under the management of the Enterprise. From there, the disclosure or loss of information will be minimized. Ensure the safety and privacy of candidates as well as employers

Intelligent recruitment index analysis system

Enterprises can easily analyze recruitment data through Humax's intelligent automatic Dashboard system. Administrators promptly track and capture indicators of the number of candidates, recruitment efficiency and even recruitment costs. Thereby planning recruitment strategies in line with future orientations.

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Report on candidate profile

This is the outstanding advantage of the Humax solution in Manage candidate profiles. No more barriers from Manage employee records using Excel, recruitment activities become more responsive, accurate and efficient. This makes it easier to scale up and create growth momentum.

Integrate other HR management tools

Humax brings a comprehensive solution for human resource management. From Recruitment, Onboarding, Organizational Strategy Planning, Payroll Timekeeping to Supporting building corporate culture.

The case management feature is just a small piece of software. Humax still provides many other tools to make the entire recruitment process of enterprises smooth and effective.

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