Van Phu Invest – Digital transformation in the growth phase with Humax

On April 19, Van Phu Invest and OOS Software officially kicked off the Humax Human Resource Management Software project, laying the foundation for the outstanding development of the business in the next years.

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After 19 years of development, Van Phu Invest is one of 20 outstanding brands in Vietnam in 2021. The group with more than 18 member companies has successfully expanded nationwide with current urban real estate projects. great, civilized. Entering a period of hot growth, Van Phu Invest puts the human factor as the focus, the key to success in the coming years. Therefore, VPI's leadership is looking for a total human resource management solution to make the most of human resources. 

Management problems at Van Phu Invest

Not only aiming to automate human resource activities in the third quarter of 2022, Van Phu Invest also expects a solution to improve the quality of human resources and support recruitment. 

In particular, the recruitment problem of the Investment - Real Estate sector is always a big concern. The labor market in the industry is often volatile with a high turnover rate. Not to mention, the workload and data processing in the recruitment period is not small. Since then, the Human Resources department spent a lot of time in manual work, finding it difficult to focus on the expertise of selecting and recruiting people. 

Business development must always go hand in hand with people development strategy. Therefore, Van Phu organizes many annual evaluations and training sessions to increase the capacity of the organization. Besides, support to retain talent internally. But in the actual implementation process, businesses still face many challenges. Especially when the evaluation results do not bring the expected value. Or the training is not in the right focus, not effective.

Van Phu Invest's Choice

Faced with the above problems, VPI leadership understands that digital transformation of Human Resource Management is necessary. This is not only a foundation to help go faster but also supports sustainable development in the long term. 

After researching many solutions, Van Phu trusted OOS Software to choose Humax Software. The Board of Management highly appreciates OOS's experience in implementing the Group-level HR management model over the past 10 years. Along with that is the ability to solve problems specific to the Investment - Real Estate sector.

Văn Phú Invest và Phần mềm Quản trị Nhân sự Humax

Kick-off ceremony of Humax project at Van Phu Invest

On the kick-off day of the Humax project, Mr. Trieu Huu Dai - General Director of Van Phu Invest - affirmed that this is one of the key projects of VPI in 2022. At the same time, it requires the participation of all leaders and project members to deploy quickly and successfully. 

What can Humax do?

With recruitment, Humax will digitize all previously manual tasks. At the same time, it helps to forecast recruitment needs and budgets through staffing. Thereby ensuring the supply of human resources of the enterprise. After the recruitment period, the system automatically generates reports on recruitment effectiveness and budget management in attracting talent. 

Through capacity and performance assessment, Humax provides recommendations in terms of people development. From suggestions for upcoming personnel, promotion routes to necessary training courses. This will be a comprehensive picture for administrators. Capturing potential talents, orienting and creating opportunities for all members of the organization. 

Not only that, Humax software simultaneously supports VPI for C&B, records management and resource planning. Along with utilities for employees such as GPS Timekeeping or Online internal process. Thereby, towards the goal of building a comprehensive and transparent human resource management foundation. 


Among the 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam, Van Phu Invest understands this is an opportunity and also a challenge if businesses want to go further, faster. Therefore, human resource management needs to be focused first. Applying technology in management, VPI not only optimizes operations, but also makes strategic decisions during the growth spurt. 

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