Building a healthy corporate culture

What is corporate culture?

Like a person, company culture is seen as the personality of an organization. Accordingly, corporate culture is defined by a set of values such as attitudes, standards, purposes, processes, beliefs and workplace behaviors of each member and organization of an enterprise. .

Corporate culture is also all the written and unwritten rules that everyone in an organization follows. Your company culture is everything you and your colleagues think, say, and do when people work together.

For each different business, the corporate culture is also different. It is formed and influenced by many factors such as vision, mission, core values of the organization combined with factors such as business leadership, goals, obstacles, industry, characteristics of the organization. workforce and market position.

How to build a healthy corporate culture

  1. Clearly define the goals and objectives of the organization

In case your business is newly established, in order to have a healthy culture, you must first clearly define what the business or organization is aiming for, the common great values such as vision, the organization's mission and core values (reason for existence) and the values behind that mission.

On the contrary, with an organization that already has core foundations and goals to work towards, consider carefully whether those are still relevant to the current reality, for additional implementation, edit if necessary.

  1. Find the right people

Corporate culture is formed and developed by like-minded people. Therefore, in order to build and develop more and more healthy, towards better goals, finding and recruiting talents who fit the corporate culture is also one of the secrets to building success. promote a healthy culture for the business.

  1. Help new employees feel welcome

A healthy culture is always towards the good, it is a place where the employees feel comfortable, excited and voluntarily contribute with the highest spirit. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a new employee to the company, always help them quickly integrate into the community with an open mind, showing them that they are always welcome and part of the organization.

  1. Set a suitable example

When leaders embody their cultural values, the good example they set is passed down all levels of the organization. There are many ways for leaders to do this, depending on the values you're cultivating.


To promote transparency and trust: In company meetings, leaders should be open and honest about the challenges and successes of the organization.

To promote teamwork: Leaders should welcome cooperation on their own tasks and use rewards and recognition to highlight team excellence.

  1. Integrating individual values into daily activities

Company culture is only effective when it brings togetherness and shares, spreading positive values to the whole enterprise. In order for it to really work, everyone needs to consciously engage themselves in daily activities. Standing as a leader, managers always have to take the lead as an example for all other members to follow.

  1. Give rewards and recognition.

Recognition from leaders and organizations is always a great source of encouragement to help employees get inspired to work and dedicate with the highest enthusiasm. Rewarding properly is one of the ways to show recognition to employees. In many cases, recognition is as simple as a well-timed compliment.

  1. Keep up with the changes.

A strong organization, with a healthy culture is one that does not lag behind in culture as well as technology… Therefore, make sure that your organization keeps pace with social changes in terms of people. people, technology...

  1. Enhance feedback more

Regular and timely feedback helps to improve the work situation positively and quickly. Regular feedback also helps all members of your team see the closeness, care about the work progress with a positive attitude, thereby promoting better work motivation, higher morale. . Therefore, regular feedback is one of the positive measures to build a healthy culture for the business.

  1. Give the culture constant attention

Want to have a lush garden need to take care of many days, often. Likewise, to have a healthy corporate culture requires the consensus, synergies and efforts of every member every day. And it is also indispensable for the constant attention of the leaders.

        A healthy culture for the business will create an ideal working environment - where there is cohesion, sharing and positive working spirit, helping to improve the morale of the whole team and increase efficiency. work, help that business grow stronger and stronger. That is why corporate culture plays an important role and should be promoted in all organizations and businesses.

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