Future development trends of the IT industry

IT, in the broadest and most general sense, is the use of modern technology in creating, storing, transmitting information, processing and exploiting information. Currently, the IT industry is divided into 5 main majors: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Networking and Communication, and Software Engineering.
At the 2009 Annual General Conference on Vietnam Information Technology (IT), Communication and Electronics (VIO), Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan emphasized: In the next 10 years, the world IT industry will have changes. very fast. The IT industry in general and the software industry is definitely an advantage of Vietnam in the future. IT is very suitable for the qualities of Vietnamese people who are creative and intelligent. Therefore, in the coming time, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Information and Communications will have to draw an accurate picture of the need for training IT human resources, making the IT industry a key development industry of the country.
Regarding the development trend of the Information and Communication Technology market, economic experts said that: “The world's information and communication technology is tending to bring the outsourcing of software outsourcing, electronic assembly and development research to developing countries. Vietnam has the opportunity to be selected by multinational companies as a second base to reserve for top priority markets such as China and India. Vietnam also has the opportunity to outsource software to these markets.” Thus, students majoring in IT can be optimistic about their future. When you graduate from school, you can become programmers (Java, C/C, Web/NET/Database...), network engineers, network administrators, telecommunications engineers, software engineers... But the salary of these jobs has always been the dream of other majors.
In the next 10 years, the IT industry will have great changes
Over the past decade, salaries in the information technology (IT) industry have been on the rise, and this year begins a new cycle. Although the economy is currently in crisis, the IT industry is also affected because of that. But for students who are just starting to choose or are studying IT, there is nothing to worry about. You are even very lucky because in about 4-5 years when you graduate, the IT industry will surely develop stronger than before the crisis and the opportunities for you will be huge. This had precedent after the crisis of the 2000s.
The fastest growing and most resource-demanding major of Vietnam's IT industry so far has been the software industry to target foreign markets. Then comes the Information Systems and IT Applications majors that will evolve as businesses and our society truly become a highly automated and electronic society.
Vietnam's information technology human resource has continuously grown strongly and is currently "exploding" in terms of human resource demand in many large IT firms. So we can all be optimistic about a bright future of IT industry in Vietnam as well as the future for students studying this field. However, when candidates and parents choose the IT major to register for the exam or study, they also need to carefully consider their ability and passion for this field. Because although the industry is lacking in human resources, it must be good human resources. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge as well as specialized skills, confident English capital to always stand firm in the profession.
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