BIBICA – 7-year journey with HUMAX

1. About Bibica

Bibica Joint Stock Company is one of the leading confectionery manufacturing and trading companies in Vietnam and has a very familiar brand name with consumers. As of the end of 2019, Bibica has nearly 1,000 employees including in various subsidiaries. Before joining PAN Group in 2015, Bibica's personnel apparatus was operated in a relatively methodical manner. After returning to the common house, the PAN Group has accompanied Bibica to improve both its personnel structure and individual development through many new human resource strategies, many professional training programs, and coordination. building many quality management systems to improve the capacity of each individual and the whole team.

Human resources are considered as an important asset of Bibica and are the core factor for the business to maintain high and sustainable growth. Therefore, Bibica always has policies of concern and importance to gain support, dedication and long-term cooperation with employees, creating conditions for each individual to develop their capacity, especially for employees. experienced and qualified workers.

As a manufacturing enterprise, timekeeping and salary calculation is also a problem that Bibica is very interested in. And this has raised many questions in the management method, how to control the correct number of working days? How to calculate accurately without wasting time counting working days. Understanding the optimization that digital transformation can bring, the leadership decided to look for a "debugger" HR software for this complex problem.


Coming to us, Bibica wishes to solve the outstanding "problems" in the human resource management process, with the biggest problem being automatic timekeeping and salary calculation.

With complex payroll problems, timekeeping feature via Mobile App by sending location, FaceID integration all decode the above questions of Bibica. HUMAX can completely split work shifts flexibly by day, week. For example, this week the Sales department works at the company. Next week they work from home and then turn around. Both can be installed and the system will automatically apply the appropriate timekeeping forms.

The administrator or the HR department will not have to review every working day. When all information is listed systematically on HUMAX. In addition, digitizing leave applications will help employees be more proactive and reduce manual data processing.

3. END

The companion of HUMAX in the digital transformation of human resource management of Bibica will certainly create a solid stepping stone for businesses to go further. Especially with its core, dedicated and professional staff.

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