Viglacera Corporation - JSC is a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and trading building materials in Vietnam, and is also known as a reputable brand in the field of real estate investment and business with products include industrial parks for rent, urban areas, houses for sale and commercial areas - offices for rent. Operating under the model of a parent company - a subsidiary, Viglacera focuses on diversifying production and products in order to provide a complete and synchronous package of construction materials for large projects in the domestic and international markets. economy, building a supply chain from input materials to product outputs. Viglacera is a pioneer in research, application and transfer of new technologies in the field of building materials production and is also a reliable real estate business with a diversified portfolio to suit the needs of customers. market.

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HR management issues

With an ever-expanding human resources team, the use of traditional methods causes many difficulties and inadequacies in the process of human resource management. Especially with the salary mechanism that changes over time, the social insurance regime of each employee is also a challenge for the Human Resources Administration each employee's salary period.

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Come to Humax – Viglacera will be fully supported

Speaking at the project kick-off ceremony, Mr. Le Duy Hoa – director of the company affirmed that “OOS Software will use resources in the most comprehensive way to support the project team to deploy HR management software to take place. accordance with the plan committed by the two sides and are always willing to support Viglacera in cases”. The Humax solution will support to handle the conundrum in its human resource management on the issue of wages and salaries, helping Viglacera to simplify its human resource management process.

With experience in deploying for many large corporations, OOS Software is confident in building and deploying Human Resource Management Software for Viglacera Corporation. Entering the digital age, it is necessary to change to go quickly and sustainably. Applying technology not only helps Viglacera simplify manual HR tasks but also optimizes human resources.


OOS Software


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