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New employee onboarding process improves HR experience

Customers are not the priority of the business, employees are the priority. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers for you. Richard Branson - billionaire and founder of Virgin Group with more than 400 companies sharing. The first step to

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Do Work From Home effectively with 5 tips shared by experts

The epidemic is becoming more and more stressful with new strains that spread quickly and are difficult to control. To adapt to that context, the online working model, Work From Home is gradually being prioritized and becoming popular. Therefore, every business or individual must prepare

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Many businesses are forced to resort to staff reduction plans, model transformation to reduce costs, and try to survive the pandemic season. The Covid-19 epidemic is a keyword that appears with great frequency on social networking sites and newspapers during this time

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New recruitment trends during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to a report from the General Statistics Office, due to the impact of the 3rd and 4th outbreaks of the Covid-19 pandemic, the labor market in the first 6 months of 2021 has an increase in unemployment and underemployment rates. workers in informal employment increased compared to

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Building a healthy corporate culture

What is corporate culture? Like a person, company culture is seen as the personality of an organization. Accordingly, corporate culture is defined by a set of values such as attitudes, standards, goals, processes, beliefs and behaviors.

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New generation human resource retention problem

Many managers and leaders think that the main reason for the "departure" of employees is related to Salary-Bonus. But in fact, the remuneration regime has the effect of attracting talented people to come and join the organization. In the process of working depends on a lot

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Why do businesses need an official internal portal?

Internal portal is a phrase that has been mentioned a lot by human resources in recent times, in the context of technology development and far-reaching influence on activities in people's lives, including the field of management. personnel treatment. So, portal

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