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Come to this conference of the HRA Human Resources Association with the topic HR data analysis – the key to success for strategic decisions, OOS Software as a sponsor accompanying the event


HR data analytics helps HR professionals and company leaders make important decisions based on “data driven”. According to a McKinsey & Company report, more than 70% company executives consider HR data analytics a priority for the organization. HR professionals can also apply HR data analytics to related areas such as productivity and time management, performance management, overall compensation package, etc. to build develop and realize business strategies, improve human resource policies and enhance employee engagement.

Seminar “HR data analysis – the key to success for strategic decisions” Organized by the Salary, Bonus and Welfare Department - HRA Human Resources Association to help the Human Resources Department in organizations:

  • Understand HR data analytics, its importance and impact on the overall strategy of the organization;
  • Identify strategic metrics in human resource management;
  • Realize HR data analysis on HR software;
  • Practice analyzing HR data in a specific situation.

OOS Software

Join the Salary, Bonus and Welfare Department to share and discuss HR data analysis experience, experience data management and analysis software demo with experts. Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuc - COO of OOS Software accompanied the seminar as a speaker


“Going a day, learning a smart sieve” – the workshop took place in a short day, but each member who attended has accumulated professional knowledge and useful practical experience! After the seminar, we have all learned, a solid human "foundation" will help businesses reach out in the current competitive and dynamic market. If your business wants to find its own "way", OOS is committed to being a long-term partner with your business. Register to receive advice and DEMO suitable solutions TODAY at:

Humax Total Human Resource Management Solution from OOS Software
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