OOS Software Newsletter No. 01: Looking Back to 2021

OOS's 2021 journey has officially ended with strong changes. The moment of 2022 has come with many new opportunities, following in the footsteps of OOS firmly on the path of the future. On this special occasion, let's reflect on the past year of OOS through the first Internal Issue: Looking Back to 2021.

Highlights of 2021: 

1. OOS celebrates 15th birthday at Hanoi headquarters

On October 15, OOS had a very warm birthday with the participation of all members at the Hanoi office. The number 15 is an important milestone on the way of development. There are challenges, there are sublimation, there are failures and there are successes. But certainly cannot be without the companionship of individuals – the factor that makes OOS today. 

At the Ho Chi Minh office, the 15th birthday is celebrated in a very unique way. To ensure health and safety, Southern staff decided to join OOS Hanoi via Online. Although there are certain limits, but love is always full.

15 years is neither long nor short. With a progressive spirit and people who are constantly innovating, we hope that OOS will grow up day by day and welcome many more "birthdays". Thank you to all members of OOS, whether present or past, are precious pieces.

2. Hanoi headquarters moved to a new office

Saying goodbye to the old "house", OOS officially moved to a new, more modern and spacious office at the National Defense Academy Apartment from April 2021. Not only a mere workplace, the new office includes Separate living area, play area, meeting room and open glass view will create a comfortable feeling when working for members at OOS. 

3. Become the choice of many big brands

In 2021, OOS is proud to become the Human Resource Management Solution of many businesses. Regardless of whether it is a corporation or an SME, all your support and affection is what OOS cherishes. With both Humax brands – Comprehensive HRM software for large enterprises and CoffeeHR brand – Intensive HRM software for SMEs have had a successful breakthrough in the past year.

noi san

In which, OOS is honored to accompany SHB in the 8th year. In 2021, SHB decided to upgrade the Humax HRM system, integrating many new modules. In addition, credibility comes from Thu Cuc, Traphaco, Citicom, Kowil, AA Corporation, King Mattress, Homefarm, OPES and many other businesses are the driving force for OOS to continue its journey. Thereby bringing the total number of customers over the past 15 years of OOS to more than 1000. This is not only a success for 2021 but also a launch pad for a bigger step in the future.

Facing the unpredictable epidemic situation, many meetings and discussions between OOS and Customers must be done online. Despite certain barriers, OOS still does not falter. Sincere sharings from customers are useful information to help OOS perfect the HRM solution suitable for businesses.

4. Continue to accompany many partners

Not only receiving support from customers, 2021 is a milestone for OOS as it continues to follow in the footsteps of important partners in the Human Resources Administration industry. One of them must include: 

On May 6, 2021, OOS Software officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with EFY Vietnam to develop the digital signature, contract and electronic insurance module on the HRM system. 

noi san efy

September 2021, Gapo Work cooperated with OOS Software to upgrade Human Resource Management Solution with internal social network.

October 2021, Navigos Group Accompanying OOS Software to research and provide modern HR management solutions for customers in many fields.

In addition, other partners such as AI time attendance system Hanet, consulting service Administration of HRA, HR Share, CNS nice Netalink, Atalink also contribute to perfecting OOS's HRM solution more comprehensively and effectively for customers

5. Organize many outstanding social events

In 2021, OOS Software continuously accompanies HRA, CNS and HRShare Community to organize professional seminars on Human Resource Management. Thereby, creating opportunities for OOS to share experience in implementing HRM software. Plans to ensure the project on schedule, effectively, and reduce risks. It is also a place to meet and learn practical problems in the industry to help OOS apply to software. From there, build a system that is close to actual needs.

  • Transforming the number of HR fields from Legal to Practical" in January.
  • Organizational development – Meeting the future” takes place in September.
  • KPI & Human Resource Psychology – Optimizing tool usage efficiency” takes place in September.
  • Attract talent – Create a great candidate experience” takes place in November.
  • Modern human resource management in the era of digital transformation"in December"

In addition, the workshop Technology 4.0 in Human Resource Management organized by OOS at National Economics University took place very successfully with the participation of more than 150 students throughout 4 sessions. This is a premise to improve skills, create opportunities for students to apply technology in HRM, prepare for future jobs in the 4.0 era.

neu oos

6. Work From Home with OOS

In the context of the volatile Covid epidemic with many potentials, OOS leadership has decided to allow working from home with two offices in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi in the third quarter of 2021. Although this is a challenging time, OOS is still full of energy, working at full capacity so that the progress is not interrupted. 

Online product demos and meetings have gradually become familiar in more than 2 months of OOS's Work From Home. Every time we meet, we see that the boss's beard is a little longer, the colleague's sister is a little fatter. Although we can't sit next to each other, can't "sell melons" every time the clock strikes 5 o'clock, the interest is always there. 

Each meeting, the big boss, the small boss, sends sincere encouragements, fueling OOS to overcome the Covid storm and achieve new successes.

Outstanding personnel in 2021

The outstanding success of OOS in 2021 is certainly indispensable for the great contributions of key personnel.

Relaxing corner

1. The Olympic Games Extend the quarantine season

Immerse yourself in the spirit of physical training and sport, pushing the epidemic schedule of the whole country. The Human Resources Department at OOS decided to organize the Olympic Games at the office level with two subjects: Plank for women and Push-ups for men. 

Every time the clock strikes 7pm, family members open Gapo Work to watch athletes compete. Thanks to this enthusiasm, after the break, every athlete is healthier and more in shape. 

2. Let's go to the "island" together holding hands

Goodbye 2021 – Welcome 2022, OOS had a very special YEP at Paradise Thac Ba Island. A warm party with the full participation of all members, is an ideal time for OOS to look back on the achievements and difficulties of 2021. Setting the growth milestone in 2022, Mr. Le Duy Hoa – General OOS's director had a very sincere sharing about OOS's ambitious future goals. 

Two days on Paradise Thac Ba island created memorable memories. This is not just a time when we bond more. It is also an opportunity to relieve stress, away from the smog in the city. The peacefulness of the poetic beauty and the warm affection from the people of OOS is truly a wonderful trip.  

3. Monthly birthdays – holidays

Once a month, the Human Resources Department at OOS will hold a monthly Birthday Party for each individual. It is not only a thank you for the contributions of the staff, but also a wish of health and happiness from OOS.  

On March 8, in harmony with the atmosphere of International Women's Day, OOS honored the merits of sisters and brothers working at the company with a very warm small party.

Knowledge training – Professional training with OOS

A culture of learning is very important at OOS. As a technology company, OOS is constantly researching, training and updating on new technologies. In addition, knowledge of HRM is also a decisive factor in the ability to consult solutions for customers. Therefore, regular training, twice a month at OOS will help improve the knowledge and capacity of each individual at the company. 

dao tao oos

This opportunity is open to all members. Do not just listen to the sharing from the previous person. It is also an opportunity to discuss and solve problems in the actual working process. 

A little sentiment, a few words to convey

The moment the new year has come, members at OOS are eagerly preparing to welcome Tet, officially ending a challenging year. But, the memories and achievements will forever be kept, the motivation for us to keep going. Therefore, a message from the anonymous person was sent to the OOS Communications department.

“Last year, there were many changes in the epidemic. Inevitability of obstacles and failures at work. Although there were times of stress, the encouragement from everyone in OOS gave me great motivation to continue the journey. Thank you very much OOS and wish everyone a very successful new year.”

New Year wishes

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, OOS would like to send special wishes to all employees at the company. Wishing you a warm and happy Tet holiday with your family. Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous year. May our OOS grow stronger, more cohesive and sustainable. 


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